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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Little Second Wind

Events the past few weeks really took a toll on me. I have found myself needing extra naps and not getting as much done around the house and not being even able to
'think' about what to do next.

I started to get a little back to myself finally. Last night I was able to think well enough to put together a few plans and talk to Hubby about what might be a good set of projects to get going on right now in our ongoing work on our new home.

One thing we have settled is we cannot afford to change the siding on the house-which is not completely finished yet. We are however going to start to paint it. It is currently baby blue--one coat--which won't hold up and which looks just plain silly and outdated for a newer house. I've decided to go with a natural looking gray with a bit of brown in it. *(we ended up using pine green--and its very pretty!) I'm picking up some paint today to just do the porch walls so we can see how it looks up and the porch can be all one color. I think if siding is all painted the same color the slight variations won't be so noticeable. We will have to buy a few pieces--but we have most of what we need to finish the job.

We need to get all our big pieces of siding that are currently stored in the basement painted. Then we need to rent a vehicle of some kind with a lift bucket so we can safely reach the top of the house and put up whatever siding is not yet on the house--which is the top story on two sides. The rest is up.

I'm also picking up paint for my whicker bookcase which I used on the carport patio in the old place. Here I am going to use it in the dining room near my computer table. I have set up a spot for myself to look out on the garden and birds and do my projects and manage household bills and coupons and such like. I want a bookcase of some sort near it--that will do. It does need a paint job though. I am going to see if I can find some mistint paint in a pretty color to use.

A third paint I need is a trim paint for the two main doors to the house. One is a burgunday red the other is unpainted. I want them to match. I think a red of somesort will be nice--but something a little livelier and fresher than what is on the painted one. The doors are both recycled but they are good sturdy solid wood doors and I think will be good enough. Fresh paint will sure make them nicer.

My gardening 2nd wind has returned! Yesterday I picked up some brocoli plants--I got 18 because I can freeze brocoli. I hope to find a few more fall bedding plants--otherwise I am starting seeds mainly. I did put in some fall tomatoes and peppers and cukes earlier so my garden is still producing. I need to seed more--I will do a bit of that here and there this week. It is not too late to start fall crops here. I have a month by month Carolina's gardening book which his great cuz this is a complicated climate. We have more than one season here. I am hoping the weather will cool more and more now--it is 70 right now--but its very early in the day. Generally we are now in the high 80s in the late afternoon and humid. By about 7 at night it seems more bearable.

Well, Hubby is up and I smell bacon. I guess I'd best mix up some pancake mix for him. He enjoys cooking breakfast sometimes on the weekend and I knew today would be one of those days. I already have plans for using the extra bacon in a tomato/corn salad that I saw on Black Iron Dude's blog. I'll have to spirit some of the bacon away before any of our young folks wake up.

Well anyhow, here comes the sun and I need to get busy. :)

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  1. You are really working hard Mary! The place will be pristine in no time at all! Good news you are keeping up with your gardening stuff too! How fun to be there and living your life in your new home and garden! That recipe sounds so good...gonna have to give it a try!!!