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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Makeshift in the Kitchen, Grateful for Too Much to Do.

Well we're working on making the kitchen here functional--later we'll update to actually good looking as well as functional.

For now we have put a bunch of shelves on a wall for a food pantry and we've got a couple of cupboards--one homemade and one 2nd hand that have new countertops mounted on them. We also have a large cupboard I found at the curb one day mounted up on a wall and we have a bottom half of a baker's rack which I use to hold our old microwave and other things and I have my cutting board stand. I've got some old dressers in here for holding some things and I have a fancy little curtain holder thing with birds on it that we're planning to repurpose as a pot rack in an used corner. Its coming together and I'm putting things away. When the kitchen is tamed we can start some other area to work on. I'm thinking I'll work on the porch next.

Our biggest dilemna so far is the outside siding. Much of it is up--and it is a heavy mismatched collection of panneling type stuff that has been painted baby blue--which I'm not fond of. The biggest problems with siding are 1) getting it up in there-as our 2nd story is at least 20 feet above ground in some areas of the house. and 2) price--if we change the siding to something we like better--its just too much money. Thus we need to settle for what we have and add a few pieces I guess. We're thinking we need to rent some sort of bucket truck to get the stuff up as scaffolding just isn't really getting it.

I'm not sure when we can do this--I think it might be a couple months and it bugs me cuz I want it to look better from the road. A house with old tyvek on the top story looks bad and I would just love that view to be improved.

Well I was out this morning taking a long walk and praying as I went. Mojo and I walked down our hill to the road and then followed it all the way to the next road--which was pretty far. I'm pooped. Its only in the 70s right now since its early in the day, but it is already very humid and I'm sweaty. Mojo likes walking and will now try to get his leash down a couple times a day to bring it to us. We've also tried walking him on the treadmill--to get the energy out of him and to get his attention. To walk on the treadmill he must pay attention and focus--we think thats good for him. We've been trying to put a 20 minute treadmill in his routine at least every other day. It requires Hubby to stay with him and make sure he stays on it but once he gets going it is just really obvious that it is a good solution for that hyper puppy hour of the day.

Well Hubby is showering and then we are going to get busy working on shelves and the pot rack for the kitchen. We have much of the materials for this sort of stuff already left over from building the house. We just pick through the things we have and try to come up with ways to use it. All interesting jobs. I guess when you take an engineer--Hubby and an artist--me, you get a combination of people who like to think outside the box and figure things out. This is a good treadmill for He and I--keeps my mind off problems which lately have been just too much for me to deal with--other folks mainly. Figuring out how to manage some relationships just takes a long time, sometimes you need to occupy your nerves and mind in the meantime to keep from going nuts. Thank God for too much to do!


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