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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mockernut Hickory, Giant Poke Bush with Berrries, Passion Fruit, Canna & 4 o'clock Seeds

Our house guest--a young man that is staying with us is back. He may have a job! If so we are letting him stay here until he can save up for a place to stay of his own. There is an empty possible rental mobile home down the road from us that looks like it could use some TLC--maybe it will work? Who knows..
Anyhow he is outside right now using my DR Trimmer to cut the tall weeds around the giant poke salet plant right outside the dining room window--which is where I have set up an extra table for my laptop and work on projects--like sewing or drawing. I can't wait til he is done--I want to get a photo of the Poke Bush--it looks like a pretty spreading tree with clusters of ripe and unripe berries and flowers. The mockingbirds come about 5 at a time to eat berries and the hummingbirds to sip from the flowers. I love it! Poke was the first plant I learned about when we moved to the Carolina's from Fargo. I had never seen one and it was fall so there were a couple in the yard that were red stalked and had berries on them. I checked in my field guides and online until I found out what it was.

Today I was busy looking for something new--an ID for a nut. It turned out to be the nut of Mockernut Hickory. The nut shell smells kind of like tea tree oil--but not as strong. We have it on our property here there. The seed is edible but its probably not worth the job of husking and shelling it. The animals like it however.

Other things I've gathered some of from the garden are four O'clock and canna seeds. They are ripening and I like to collect them to plant in spring.

The Maypops or Passion flower fruits are beginning to get ripe. There are also lots of green ones and some still in flower. I don't know if I will find time to do any kitchen projects with passion fruit this year--but at least I know they are there for next year--they'll come back. :-) Pokeberry Hill is a bit wild yet-- some of it will remain wild--but the house and yard I hope to tame nicely soon.

I've gotten some things done here in the house today, the kitchen is in better order as are some other areas. A little at a time, it all improves. :)

I've had a good job interview recently--guess where-- Harris Teeter! Yup-- that store I'm always talking about how I love shopping there. Well anyhow no job offer yet but I've passed all the tests and I expect I will get it.

I love the library so much. The folks there have been just amazing to me. They sent a huge bouquet to Mom's funeral and my boss gave me a generous amount of days off--which really helped cuz I was so stressed with moving on top of that. The thing is the drive is so far. The Harris Teeter is less than 1/2 the distance. I have to give it serious thought.

Anyhow if I work at the grocery store I can do my shopping and errands very easily and take advantage of good sales and do my coupons and such like. I can just trek out to the library every few weeks and get my books and visit--that could work. ;-)

Anyhow we shall see.

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