Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving Day In Pokeberry

In a little while Hubby will go get the truck we have rented for our move today. We'll rouse our helpers and begin to load up for the trip to Pokeberry Hill where we hope to put down roots more permanently than we have in other places the past several years.

Today is an appropriate day being our 28th wedding anniversary as well as moving day.

I may not be online for a while. We do not have cable hooked up yet at the house, wire needs to be run to the house from the road and there seems some reluctance on the part of the cable company to get this done. I may need to take my laptop to work where we have wifi in order to check on my email and blog.

There is still much to do at the new place and next week I need to come here and clean this place before we turn our keys back to the landlord too. Work work work.. seems to be the order of the day every day lately, I think it will ease up however when we at least don't have to run between two houses anymore.

I will keep a journal I think, offline for awhile and maybe blog some parts of that later when I have more time. I used to write in sketch notebooks with pen and colored pencil and illustrate my entries by hand with little nature drawings. I am itching to do that again, I fell out of the habit while living here in this house. I'm also toying with the idea of writing some fiction. That's been on my mind--maybe write some short stories or a novel. I keep thinking there are an awful lot of stories in me, my life has contained so many things already in just 50 years. ;-)

Well now I can hear birds from outside the windows and see the tall rose of sharon blooming behind the holly hedge. My pet parrots are enjoying their breakfast in the still covered cage and Mojo has been in and out more than a couple times now. Hubby is relaxing before getting started and I think I will take my coffee and join him in the living room. The day promises to be long and full of hard work. I am so thankful our kids are with us for this move. When and if we ever move again that is not likely to be the case. I imagine at least one of them will be leaving the nest soon, perhaps more. They've all come and gone at least once now and they are like fledglings stretching the wings and preparing for the final flight to their own lives. This day though, they are all still with us, except our oldest who has feathered a nest of his own far away.

Well so long for now-- I'll write later when we've settled in a bit!

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