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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Part Time Job Perks Are Worth Thinking About..

I currently enjoy my job working part time at the library. I am ambivalent about working full time--so far that opportunity hasn't come anyhow--I had been aiming at it, but the economy nixed my chances for that. A full time person retired and there ordinarily would have been opening and I had a good shot at it I think--but there's a hiring freeze. Just as well I think, because part time is kinda nice really.

My paycheck isn't as big as it could be, but I get to waive my library fines and since I'm at the library its very convenient to bring home different books, movies, music or audio books several times a week--all for free. Those are good perks. I also have had lots of opportunities to learn and stretch my skills in the library.

Now... that said.. I may not stay there much longer. Since we finally moved into our house I am driving 48 minutes each way to work. For part time wages, with an old as dirt car--this is probably not an optimum situation. I've already interviewed for a new job--but I don't know if I have made a definite decision on changing. I do think I'll get the new job-- do I want it?

I think I will accept. Still its a back and forth thing in my mind.

The new job pays less, but may sometimes have more hours. The work may not be quite as varied. Its a cashier job. That means lots of time standing in one place --I know what that can do to feet and backs.. been there. However--I think the job also has its perks. I'd be at the best grocery store around where it would be very convenient to pick up my groceries fresh as can be and take advantage of any surprise deals or unadvertised specials as well as use my Grocerygame couponing strategy--which always saves me a ton of money. There's also a bank and drug store in the store and lots of stores I frequent are very nearby--which means errand running would be a cinch on work days. I've heard too that sometimes items that are going to be 'tossed' can be had for free by employess--which would be food--and of course with 6 folks currently around our table- that would be used.

The biggest perk for me with part time hours is I'm not as tired and I can garden and scratch cook and do all the little things I enjoy like embroidering, blogging and sketching.

My dear daughter in love emailed to give me this week's update yesterday. She usually emails me on Fridays with baby pictures and the weeks news. Last week it was that little Ruby got her first tooth--this week I learned that Mommy has found a good part time job. She is doing daycare at a fitness place. She can take baby Ruby along to work and is home on time to see Hubby/Daddy in the evening and she can use the exercise equipment for free. Another great part time job with nice little side perks.

I've worked at various part time jobs since we had kids. ( a LONGGGGG time ago~smile) When I worked in a needlework shop I got such great deals on threads and patterns and books and fabric that I now have enough of such stuff to embroider the rest of my life-- a good perk! When I worked in an art supply store I got a deep discount as well and stocked up art supplies and equipment that I still use.

In a semi-frugal household like mine here on Pokeberry Hill-- the perks matter. They make the part time job I have valuable to all of us.

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