Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, August 1, 2009

So What Happened at Work? And Starting My Fall Garden..

I did go in to talk with my boss about giving notice. He knows it is mainly due to the distance. He has encouraged me to wait just a while because there are some possibilities opening up in the library system and he thinks I may be able to get a job in a branch closer to our new home. It isn't a 'given' but its not a long shot either--so I have decided to be patient a little while and see how it goes--maybe It will work out.

Meanwhile we have rented a truck for next Saturday and intend to move that day. Turns out I will have the weekend off--I don't know how that happened--it would normally have been my weekend to work--but I am flexible so my boss plugs me in where I'm needed. I will be home to help.

Today I am taking the extra big plastic pots I found the other day on trash day-- gleaning from the curb. ;) I'm going to fill them up with some compost and peat moss and wood chips and start my fall garden. The summer garden is still producing. Last week I added some new plants to extend it a bit, this week I am sowing some seeds. In the south you have more than one garden season. Summer is too hot for many of the crops you would grow in summer up north where I came from. It evens out however becasue fall and winter are milder so you can grow something here all year round--just not everything at once.

It takes time and study to learn what to plant when and some experimenting. Because our ground is so awful I am glad to be able to put some crops in containers. These pots must have held large shrubs or baby trees as they are all at least 5 gallon pots. They will work well for veggies.

Soon we'll be in our home and I'll be picking fresh from the garden on a more daily basis. It all turns out in the end, though the road may be long and twisty-- we'll get there. :)


  1. I do most of my veggie & flower gardening in containers. I can't get down to earth level. I have huge pots that trees came in & I've purchased a few half whiskey barrels. I use potting soil adding nutrients & fresh soil with each planting. I'm anxious to get some Fall planting done but will have to hold off till it quits raining so much. Another thunder storm here in my zone 8/9.
    Enjoyed your post. Will be glad to hear more.

  2. Welcome Lola! There are alot of advantages to big containers--I've used them at former houses where we rented too. My biggest problem is finding inexpenive ones and the initial cost in filling them up--after that--wow--they are nice! Of course you do have to water a bit more often--especially in the south. Still--easier to cultivate and less weeds/diseases--what's not to like?

  3. Actually--I'm going to take back the watering comment--here in the south you have to water the plants that are in the ground just about as much as the ones containers--so really there aren't any drawbacks to containers except initial investment. At least not for me. I would like eventually to have mainly raised beds and containers for all of my eating garden. Also very good since I do have arthritis issues in most of my joints and my spine-- which so far is not 'terrible' but does already impact how I do things at age 50.