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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trash Management in Rural Areas

We do not have trash collection in our neck of the woods--unless we want to contract a private company to come and pay them. We also have pretty low taxes--God Bless South Carolina for that!

I deal with this by sorting recycleables and burnables into various containers--which many folks do in the city as well.

Here we can also have burn piles--which is great for getting rid of things like paper and cardboard and bits of things that can't be recycled like chicken bones (after they are used to make soup stock of course)

Behind our shed we have some covered large trash cans that are labeled for what goes inside: Plastic, Aluminum, Glass & Metal Cans, Burn Pile and finally-- Compactor.

Anything that can't be burned or recycled goes to the recycle center and gets put in the mighty compactor they have on site. Our recycle center is about 4 miles away on the nearest main road to our home--so its about a 6 minute trip. Actually--hauling the trash to the bottom of our hill would likely take almost as long without our jeep.

This is all a bit more work, but really--once you sort things there's very little real trash left and lots of this stuff is re-usable for planting seeds or storing things in the pantry. Also we don't have strict burning rules here so we can enjoy bonfires now and then in which we burn paper and cardboard as well as wood.

Currently I have alot of mismatched containers for recycles--I'd like to get matching white cans with lids--the ones I want are about $13 each. I have one already. They're from Lowes Hardware. I would like to be able to line them in a tidy row beneath my pantry shelves. That way they'd all look clean and neat and Mojo would not be able to poke his nose into any of them.

We have had a great deal of expenses this month--I'm hoping I can pick up another can or two next month .. we shall see. :)

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  1. You really are living the rural life out there...something I imagine could be very enjoyable once you get used to the extra chores. It is all just gonna take getting used to that's all.

    I know what you mean about all the expenses with the move...I have certainly experienced that here as well with the kids and grands just moving to their apartment this past weekend too!