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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alpha Puppy and Me

We chose our puppy Mojo because we thought he seemed confidant and like he was the top dog in his litter. We got pick of the pack. Well-- that's good-- but this guy is non-stop wanting to remain top dog!

When Hubby is here its not so much a problem because Mojo respects Alpha~Hubby. Right now Hubby is away until tomorrow evening and Mojo doesn't have quite so high a regard for me as for my guy. Maybe its got to do with size and voice? Hubby is a big guy and I am sure he is far more convincing when he says 'no' than I am.

With me--Mojo just seems to think 'no' is part of his name-- "Mojo~no".

Last night when I got home after working all day and then going to Sam's club for my stock up stuff and driving all that ways, I was tired! Mojo however was ready to play.

I'm thinking 'Mom in recliner', he's thinking 'toys moved about by Mom for Mojo's enjoyment'.


One trick I always keep up my sleeve when I can't get Mojo to behave is the leash. I put it on him and tell him 'sit' (which he is very good at!) then I tell him 'down' and he isn't so good at it. So I place the leash under my shoe and shorten it until he MUST lie down. Then I make sure he stays there for a long while--up to about 30 minutes. He gets the idea. Mom said 'down' and she meant it-- just like Dad does.

Dad doesn't require a leash for this, but I do.

I do like to make sure Mojo has a reasonable amount of exercise too--but what is reasonable to a puppy? Pretty much 24/7--with short breaks to eat and nap and do Mojo business--I mean if he could he'd have my undivided 'tennis ball tossing', 'tug rope pulling' attention ALL the time!

Last night I was assured by my sons that Mojo did indeed get his fun times and was not going to suffer if I decided to take a needed break. I decided it was time to get firm with the pupster and got out his leash--but not for a happy walk.

Mojo calms down eventually after I do the leash thing. This morning I had to do it again so I could have a cup of coffee.

Bedtime was a bit of a backwards step however. As soon as I opened our bedroom door--where Mojo has been allowed to sleep on his blanket on the floor for quite a few nights now-- Mojo bounded up onto my bed!


He'd never dream of trying that with Hubby here--but Mojo knows I'm not Hubby.

I spent about 5 minutes trying to show him that he must sleep on the floor and then I decided that until Hubby is back in our bed, Mojo will have to go back in his crate for bedtime. G'nite Moj.

Sometimes I wish I was 6'2, strong as an ox and gruff sounding so Mojo would relinquish his quest to be Alpha Dog, but in the meantime I guess I'll have to do what I have to do.

I am confidant of one thing with this 'little' puppy. (LOL-- he's got to be nearing 80 pounds already!)

I know that this puppy is a member of our pack here on Pokeberry Hill--and no matter how difficult he makes his puppyhood for me, eventually we will have a good solid homestead 'dawg' that will be protective of us all and a great alarm system out here in the dark of night in the country. I appreciated his presence while Hubby is away--even though He did get my goat a little bit.

Even now as a puppy, Mojo has all the equipment needed to alert us to the presence of an intruder and to put a some fear into any such person that might be out in the dark here.When he finally attains his full serious adult size of about 100 plus pounds-- well I'm sure he'll be an even more respectable guard dog.

We own an alarm system and some guns, but I have always believed that a dog is the best 'security system' a home can have. This seems true in the country, where police are few and far between, as well as in a big city like Charlotte that has plenty of officers--but also lots of crime.

You just gotta get puppies past the baby time so they will not be quite as rambunctious. Keeping that in mind, I'm trying to be patient and a little tougher than is my nature too. My goal is that someday I will say "Down" or "No" to Mojo and he won't think I mean-- "lets play."

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