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Monday, September 14, 2009

Holdin' Down the Fort

Hubby's off to Fargo for a few days and the kids and I are holding down the fort.
Things got off to a rough start. The guys were up late watching the Green Bay Packer Game and Hubby overslept and ended up rushing to the airport where he missed his flight. (yah--I told him so..) No matter he is sitting at the airport waiting for the next flight and he has his pc so can do some work.

Me, I'm off to work this morning. I've just been outside with Mojo who was in the woods doing Mojo business. (best place for it) I sipped my coffee on the porch and looked out at the garden and listened to a hummingbird making its scoldy noises. I saw titmice and chickadees at the feeders and hummingbirds flitting about the flowers. Its chilly this morning--61 degrees at the moment. Kind of chilly for SC.

I have just today and tomorrow working at the library and start the new job then on Thursday. I was kind of hoping a closer library job would have opened up by now--but that is getting less likely now. I know that it would be a stretch to hope for that anyhow so no point passing by a bird in hand for one that may or may not be in the bush. I guess taking the new job was the best thing I could do with what I know now.

I will miss my job though--it is something that suited me very well.

I did my Grocery Game shopping yesterday at Harris Teeter. I saved $68.98 and spent $70.94. This is less than I usually spend for a week and for good reason--I really need to visit Sam's club this week and stock up on some of the things I generally buy in bulk. I should do that today after work--but its tough cuz I don't get done til 6pm and if I went straight home it would be 7ish when I got there, if I go to Sams first--even later. 'should I stay or should I go..'

Hard to decide. I guess I want my groceries before Wednesday so I can do some cooking/freezing etc--so today is pretty much 'it' for chances. Harder now to hit Sam's club because we live so far from one here.

I've been very excited with my new oven! (new to me anyhow) I have been noticing that when I roast meat or bake bread in it--the food just really is coming out better than it has in a long time. I believe the oven is just better insulated--that seems to be it. It holds heat well and whenever I open the door it is steamy in there and the food comes out well browned outside and very moist and tender inside. Yum!

My last few chickens since we moved here have been awesome!

I really just wanted a good price on appliances and didn't look into details much because we were buying 2nd hand from Craigslist--but seems we have lucked out. The fridge is great so is the dishwasher and the oven. The over the stove microwave we haven't installed yet--we don't have a cupboard up there to mount it in and I'm not sure I want one. I like the little open shelves Hubby has made for me above my counters-- I do have a cupboard unit but it is in a different part of my L shaped kitchen near the pantry. I like it as it is. Its not House Beautiful that's for sure--but it is working well and I like the 'lighter' look of the kitchen without big cupboards everywhere--its airy and you see the windows better.

Well we have time to decide how to finish things like that later. We are still working on the outside now--which is always being interrupted and taking longer than I'd like. We also have cars that need attention and now Hubby is too busy with work to do some things again. So it goes.

My attention is more and more toward my garden--which I know I must do something this fall to radically improve the soil. How to do that without much budget for it??

I am thinking I will buy some bales of straw perhaps and then try to find someone who can deliver a big load of manure. I guess that seems to be the best bet. I have my compost bins working but there is no way they can produce enough to fix this problem. I want to also try bagging up leaves and putting a little mollasses in the bags with them and see how they progress over the winter--I've heard that will speed up leaves decomposing. Haven't ever tried it. Leaves we will have with all the trees here.

Every little bit of humus I can add to this sandy 'dirt' will help.

Right now my brocoli is doing well and my late zuchini is flowering. The late tomatoes are also beginning to produce--but they are smallish.

Hubby has his hot peppers mostly picked. He has spread them out to dry rather than make sauce this year. He says they keep better that way. We have a little dry habanero left in a quart mason jar that has kept since we lived in Wisconsin--so I am guessing that ground up pepper powder is about 8 years old--and Hubby still cooks with a pinch of it. He says it is not bad at all. (me I shy away from Habaneros so I wouldn't know) ** oh by the way--if you ever decide to grind dry hot peppers--do it OUTSIDE. If you don't -- well let's just say--next time you will.

Hubby wants me to find seeds from a hotter pepper he has read about. Something that will make Habaneros seems mild. Crazy!

I guess once you get going down that path to hotter and hotter stuff you just can't stop yourself.

Well our daughter in law and little Ruby are up in Wisconsin now visiting Ruby's great grampa on their side of the family. #1 Son must be lonely without them as he has been calling quite alot lately to visit. I'm sure he'll be glad when his wife and baby are home again.

I've been picking wildflowers and putting them in a quart mason jar here on my desk by the window. (desk is just a fold up table with a table cloth) Right now I have some that look like tiny pink snap dragons in the jar with some poke berries. They look great together--I knew they would. Simple things are the best aren't they?

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