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Thursday, September 24, 2009

New bird! on a Finchy Morning, "Workin in the Kitchin"

There are lots of little goldfinches at the pink party feeder this morning. Titmice, chickadees and cardinals have been here as well but the gold finches seems particularly hungry. Mojo is just searching for trouble this morning--I'm thinking he may be needing a nap--cuz Mom is tired....


....I've just taken Mojo out for a long walk--and as I have a cup of coffee before shifting gears to working in the kitchen--he is already being naughty again! Of course. This time he really must take that nap--time to utilize his crate.

The parrots have taken to scolding him. Bubba, my mustache parakeet likes to bark at him when he is being naughty.

Looking outside I caught sight of a new bird in Pokeberry, its gray, about sparrow sized and white underneath. I think possibly a member of the flycatcher family. I've got the bird book and binoculars here at ready in case he comes by again when I'm here.

I'm working tonight at the grocery store and so I want to make dinner early and leave it ready. Its taco night. Tomorrow we'll have fajitas (using a new marinade sauce I got on sale!) and use what is leftover from tonight for side dishes then. Today I am making big batches of salsa, guacamole (got a deal on avocados earlier this week) taco meat, Spanish rice and cutting up some tortillas to fry for chips. We're going to have back to back Mexican meals--which are a favorite here. The past two days we had spaghetti but also homemade knefla soup which was on hand until the pot was gone. Knefla is an old potato soup with 'knefla' in it--these are little drops of dough that get dropped in near the end of cooking, then you pour in some cream or a can of evaporated milk before eating. Its very good as a comfort type food and has no meat in it--though when I make it I use chicken stock.

Today I have also made a fresh batch of ice tea. I keep it in a gallon milk jug in the fridge. I boil 8 cups of water, add 4 family size tea bags, 1 cup of sugar (more if you like sweet tea as many in the South do) and 1/4 cup of lemon juice (or juice of one lemon). I use a funnel to put the tea in the recycled milk jug after it is cooled off. This tea is delicious --in my opinion. I know my grown kids still want to drink soda but I figure that can come out of their wallets, and I'll make this available if they want some.

Homemade lemonade is also very good. Equally match a cup of sugar, a cup of lemon juice and a cup of water to make a lemony syrup--then add several more cups of water to taste--you decide how strong you want it. Its good!

If I'm lucky--today's work in the kitchen will feed the family here for a couple days-- I will marinate some peppers and chicken for fajitas tomorrow morning as well. The peppers can be cut today as I cut up everything else.

This will be my biggest work day in the kitchen this week, I'm also finishing up some laundry and have to do some dreaded ironing--I almost never iron but I have to wear a white blouse to work until I get my new uniform shirt and sadly my only white blouse needs ironing. Hopefully the uniform shirts will arrive soon.

Well off I go, stuff do to, always stuff to do. :)

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  1. Hi, Mary,

    Oh, your Knefla soup - Yummm!! That is a great recipe and with Fall having arrived, it is nearing soup season here. You are a great cook and we appreciate your sharing!