Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Bird on the Pokeberry...

I'm home today. I'm going out later to take a look at a sausage grinder that someone put on Craigslist--I think I'll probably buy it. I enjoyed my recent forays into sausage making and its time now to get an appliance that does the job more efficiently than my blender, food processor or vitamix (My vitamix is very old and currently only working on high--which is a pretty powerful setting)

Anyhow I spent some time sitting here and a bird I don't think I've seen before showed up and started to eat poke berries. It was orange and resembled a gold finch but much bigger. I can't find my bird books! I'm going upstairs soon to shower and hunt through boxes for one. So far it wasn't anything I 'guessed' and tried to google.

We had rain this morning but now the sun is out and its warming. Hopefully the boys can paint more. The wall on the back porch is done and most of one side. The new green paint makes the siding look WAY BETTER! Its pretty! I hope we are able to get all the siding and trim work up soon. Do it yourselfing is not a fast process. I've learned that. It always takes us longer than we thought, but its so nice when you can see the results starting to come together.

I found the cutest book at the library last night. Its little easy sewing projects for babies. The book is called Baby Stuff. It has patterns for little toys and blankets and bibs for babies. My daughter wants to make some of the toys for our little Ruby and mail them to her. I fell in love with a stuffed bear and bunny that had diapers on them with cute bear/bunny faces on the butt side of the diaper. The toys are made of thin terry and felt so they are soft and lightweight and very simple looking.
The book inspires you by its simplicity. I had the idea that I could easily make my own simple designs for toys for Ruby too. Maybe as she gets older I will be able to have some fun doing just that.

Last night I got to hear her 'talking' on the phone. She is very vocal and is working on still more teeth. By the time I see her I think she will seem like a grown up compared to the newborn I saw when we were able to travel out west last winter after she was born. I can hardly wait for Christmas!

Well today is just a sort of 'funk' day for me. I'm kind of pooped and not quite sure what to do with myself. I'll be done with my old job at the library by this time next week and gearing up to start my new one at the grocery store. So many changes lately--moving, losing my Mom, changing jobs.. no small wonder I get a little pooped I guess.

Time to go find out where I put my bird books now. I do need to know who's been eating my pokeberries!


  1. Hi Mary,

    Don't the vitamixers carry a lifetime warranty? I know they are known for an excellent warranty maybe you could check into it. I would love to get one but so far no luck DH thinks they are way too expensive. I hope you find your bird books.


  2. Hi Jan--it is warranteed--i just haven't had time to call them and get it all boxed up. I think they fix it free. Anyhoo-it wasn't ideal for what I was doing--you can only do a little at a time and it pulverizes. I want to use a 'real' grinder. I did buy the one I went to see. I'm excited to try it--but probably won't have that chance til the weekend. :)

  3. Mary,

    Have fun with your new machine! It will be perfect for what you want to make I'm sure. I am glad that you will be able to fix your vitamix when you are ready. The idea of completely pulverizing fruits for smoothies sounds wonderful to me, no noticeable skin or pulp, my family would love it. I am going to keep at it. One of these days I will convince dear hubby!!

    Happy sausage making. :)

  4. Hi Mary...please post if you find the name of the bird you saw!!! I have a Vitamix and there is nothing to compare to it, but I agree, for meat grinding, it is probably not the best. Glad you bought that grinder! Have fun!