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Friday, September 18, 2009

New Job, Fall Garden, Pantry Plans, Memories..

I filled out paperwork yesterday and am now an official employee of Harris Teeter. I have good feelings about this company. Its a convenient place if I want to just work part time as a cashier--which is what I'm starting as. Its also a company that promotes from within and offers plenty of training opportunities--if I decide I want to go further--I can.

My VIC card has been upgraded so now I will get some extra little perks/deals on groceries that I didn't get before. This week they have triple coupons, so I am working on my grocery list.

One thing about shopping deals is sometimes its hard to get it all together in one trip--well now--since I will be in the store frequently I can spread my shopping out a bit and not have to work quite as hard at getting my good deals. I usually save pretty close to 50% on my groceries when I shop at Harris Teeter. I love the store because they have the nicest variety of quality foods, ethnic, organic, local grown and a good store brand as well as killer sales and doubling/tripling of coupons. I don't shop unprepared though--I have to do my homework and be well armed with coupons and a list. It matters. You could pay easily twice as much for many things if you don't take advantage of sales and coupons. With six folks depending on my shopping for their meals--I need to watch closely.

I've been working on my garden in the morning and evenings that I've been home. The weather is much cooler right now than it has been. Still humid--but at least its not super hot as well.

I've cleared out lots of weeds and filled up my compost bins and begun some piles for cold composting. I've removed some spent plants and begun to cultivate and amend soil for more fall crops. I want to start some herb and perennial seeds in the big garden bed.

I'm also putting in a few plants. I don't like the prices on bedding vegetable plants this year--they are awfully high--but since it is still cheaper to grow those than to buy the produce I have decided to buy some of them. I started some broccoli, fall tomatoes, zuchini and cucumbers already and I have a pack of brussel sprouts to start as well. I'm going to seed a salad bed with lettuce and green onions. I also want to put in some garlic and shallots.

I'm heartened because the soil is improving where I planted last spring. It still needs lots of building up and I need to fertilize--I plan to use fish emulsion--as soon as I can buy a gallon of it. It is my favorite fertilizer.

I have some paint and I want very much to clean up and paint the root cellar pantry room downstairs. I'm going to paint it with pastel colors and pink using paint I picked up at Lowes that was 'mis tinted' and clearanced. I have pink, lavendar and aqua. Pretty! It will be a quirky looking storage room. I am already storing things down there like canning supplies and small appliances and some boxed up knick knacks that I don't want to take out until we've finished all our dry wall in the house. There are still lots of shelves open and I want to use those for food storage of grocery deals. Just because I don't have lots of home canned veggies right now--with the new garden just beginning to produce much-- doesn't mean I can't stock up nicely using sales and coupons.

My goal is to have a sort of mini-store in my pantry. At least a couple of the young people in our household now are hoping to be out and on their own in a couple months. I know they will have a struggle--I hope to be able to share some of my own stock pile with them at times. I also feel it is good to buy things when they are at the lowest possible--then later--as the prices are higher and higher (which they continue to be) you can choose from things you stocked up to create meals rather than go out and spend money you need for other things.

Things may not be 100% done around here but my goal is that everything at least be clean and orderly. Organization is something that always gives me a sort of comfort. Maybe that is why I have enjoyed library and retail work. I love the look of orderly shelves. When I was a little girl I can recall playing store with my little brother. I would get tiny boxes from my Mom--like jello boxes that are small. I'd put them on a little shelf on our porch where I sometimes played. On that same porch I also played school and made my brother worksheets to do!

Homemaking was part of my childhood too. I loved playing with dolls and often made them houses out of boxes and recycled household cast offs to create furnishings.

All those childhood pastimes were expressions I think of who I was then and would remain always. ~memories~

I always encouraged my own children to play imaginatively and resourcefully as well. No toy can take the place of free time and imagination.

Well, it is time to get going, its not so dark out now and Mojo is waiting for his walk. I have some things to do then and I am off to work for the afternoon to do some computer training. (and to get some triple coupon deals while I'm there!)

Let's go Mojo!

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