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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Picked out House Paint!

I had fun over at and played with thier design software and plugged in my colors and a house design--that 'roughly resembles' our house. Our house is quite alot plainer looking but when it is all finished it will have some decking and arbors around it so it won't look so plain.

Anyhow here's my paint colors! (although the actual color Pine Green looks fresher in real life than online.)

*** Awww... it didn't work! Well I had pine green for my house color with white trim and a red door. :( I can email the photo but apparently I couldn't link to it. :( **

Today I was off work--so I did laundry and dishes and vacuuming and gardening and made chicken stock and soup with matza balls--and I was going to make some beer bread- but someone drank the beer I had hiding behind the dog food bin! Good grief! It was some super cheap yuck beer--but apparently it was still worth ferreting out. No bread tonite. That's what happens when you mess with Momma's stash.

So you know.. I had a 'day off'. ;)

The boys are busy painting sheets of siding and getting them ready to put up on the 2nd story of the house and the porch. We removed the siding from the porch as we want to redo it--the guy that we bought the house from had started that job but didn't do it very nicely--so we're tearing the porch off and putting it up better.
So many of the projects here were like that. We 're-did' an awful lot.

Mojo worried a piece of yarn out of my big living room area rug. I tried gorilla glue but it wouldn't stay down so finally I got out my hot glue gun and voila! Its fixed. Its berber so its somewhat forgiving and I like that hides Mojo hair too--although I do still vacuum a couple/few times a week.

I've decided I do not want wall to wall carpet for sure. Not if we are going to be having a german shepherd. Why bother?

I'm thinking in our southern climate it would be nice to tile the floors and have big area rugs like the ones I got such a great deal on at Lowes a few weeks ago.

Time sure is flying buy. We've been in the house now for nearly a month! I can hardly believe it. Also in about 2 weeks I'll be done working at the library and ready to begin training at the grocery store.

Well tonite-- I dunno--I may just put up the feet and relax. We shall see.

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  1. Oh i must have missed your post about leaving the library and going to a grocery store...will havet o read back and see where I missed it!

    I have gotten to where I will not have ANY rug that is not small and flexible enough to go in the washing machine!!! It is too expensive to get them cleaned well enough after a dog wees or whatevers on them! I have solid linoleum, and that is what I will stick with. I can't take the feel of tile under my feet, and it is so hard and cold. Plus I don't want to worry about keeping grout clean. Good luck with flooring. I often think I should just rake leaves in and have a leaf floor!!! Once a month sweep out the old leaves and rake in some new!!! LOLOL!