Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pre-Dawn Chili Pot, Pine Warbler?

Best I can tell my new birdy visitor yesterday on the pokeberry tree was a pine warbler. He looked a little like a gold finch--on his wings--but was bigger and had a mossy looking head and his breast was yellowish/orangish... Not 100% but he's my best guest. I did find my bird book in a box in the closet as well as a few other books I was looking for. :) Moving is such fun.

This morning I made a big pot of chili. I work all day today and tomorrow so this will ensure nobody starves while I'm gone. Hopefully it will actually last that long--but with 4 hungry males and my daughter and I in the house it is a little doubtful.

We had some good news! Another of the 'kids' has found a job! Two down, two to go. Happy Happy Joy Joy! My daughter left early this morning for her first day. We're getting there! Now it turns out the only two that are still unemployed are my #2 and #3 sons--who also happen to be the most useful at working on our house. That can't be an excuse though--they do need to find jobs--even though I wish I could keep them working on this house full time. Our plan is that everyone find a job and start saving money and then those who want to can live here and go to school, those who don't can save until they are ready to launch out without school.

I called on that empty mobile home down the block. Turns out it and another one in our neighborhood are recent foreclosures. The shabbier of the two is already sold--so hopefully we'll have a new neighbor soon. The nicer one is not sold--but I think would likely be out of my range for buying right now. I had just been thinking of a fixer upper to fix and rent out--or put a couple kids in--but not a pricey newer home.

No matter, I certainly do have enough to do without taking on a new project.

Our house siding project is coming along and the new color is beautiful!! The porch is nearly done now and I love it. I need to choose a new color for the doors though. We think it must be a red to contrast with the green. Its hard to be patient with the process--they are working on the parts of the house that are reachable without renting a bucket truck and it is slow going.

The fall garden is coming along slowly. Our weather has cooled, but its not exactly chilly. Its mainly 70's and low 80s right now. There's been some rain too-which is always welcome.

Well I've got my pot of chili cooling on the stove now so I can put it in a container for the fridge before I trek out to work. I also have some laundry going which I hope to have done before leaving. Mojo has been tugging at me to play - which I really am not so much in the mood for. He is ALWAYS ready to play! AlWAYS.


I will play with my new meat grinder this weekend I hope-- we shall see. :)


  1. you make me want to cook more...and plant a vegetable garden!

  2. Well... Julie I'm glad. However-this morning I woke a little late to a sink full of chili bowls and utensils and an empty container! I thought I made 2 days worth! Well I guess they will all have to scrounge today as I am working and won't be cooking. Crazy!