Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roasting Raw Peanuts, Feeding My Garden and the Adventures of Garden Puppy

Yesterday I happened to pick up a bag of peanuts and Hubby thinks I need new glasses because I accidentally bought raw ones. No matter, he shelled them all, mixed them with some cajun spices,kosher salt and honey and roasted them in the oven at 350 for about half an hour. While Hubby and Mojo were outside building a burn pile with some of the roots dug up in our trenching adventure Monday, the peanuts were roasting. They turned out pretty good. I made a mental note to plant some peanuts next spring. This was quite easy and there are other recipes to try online, so we'll maybe tweak them a bit and get a favorite recipe. Perhaps next year we'll have some homegrown peanuts as well as other things.

This morning I was out in the garden watering and weeding and moving some pots and such like. Mojo the garden puppy was wrestling with a plastic watering can that I set down and trying to pull up baby broccoli plants--which got him in some trouble. He finally disappeared into the woods for a moment and I was sort of feeling relaxed but then thought--well I guess I can't just let him wander off-- so I called him back. Back he came, running happily and pouncing on the wet garden beds with glee. Sigh...
Mojo-- the garden puppy. Last night he entertained himself by chasing toads while Hubby and I sat and watched the fire and rested a bit. He is what he is--a puppy.

I've stopped in the house on what I decided early is going to be a 'get er done' day in my garden. Already it is looking better. I had to come in though to rest a bit, and check on laundry and get a little something for my knee which is acting up. I'm trying to decide exactly how to put in the next grouping of raised beds which I am terracing the hillside with. At the moment there is some confusion as the actual location of our septic field. It seems the guy who pumped the tank does not agree with the information on the map of our property as to where the septic field is. Now I don't know if I have planted on it or not. Planting over it isn't really going to hurt the plants--but its not the ideal thing for the septic field to build raised beds on it--as it needs to 'breathe' in order to evaporate properly.

One thing in the garden I am pondering is what to do with my big arch trellis. For years I have been hauling it about the country. I purchased a pair of big trough pots and have been growing jessamine in them on each side of the arch for several years, taking the pots and the arch along with the jessamine whenever we moved. This time, the jessamine had grown so heavy it had to be cut back in order to move the arch trellis separate from the two pots. At some point in our move one of the trough pots was broken. Now I have about half a dozen large jessamine plants, entertwined in two big lumps and I want to put them in the ground next to my trellis, this time they will be in a permanent home. Where to put them? They will need sunshine and easy access to water. The ground here is so hard to dig in--that will be a chore in itself. Of course the nicest spot is where Hubby tilled in the spring and where we now are not so sure if our septic field is underneath or not. I think I will need to walk about there and see if I can ascertain any 'hints' as to its actual location. Another thing I am concerned about--I have a little japanese maple planted there--I guess the worst thing I could accidentally plant on a septic field might be a tree. Dunno really.

Funny how these little questions can get in the way of progress.

Well I do believe my washer has stopped so I best get busy and toss in another load and get back out to the garden with Mojo the Garden Puppy--who knows what his next adventure will be.


  1. I don't know too much about this, but I know frogs can be poisonous to dogs who lick or mouth them. Ask your vet about it, and watch Mojo the garden puppy when he's out and about.

  2. Thanks. We do watch him. He pretty much chased the toads but didn't try to mouth any of them. I think he felt it was fun to just watch where they were going.