Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, September 4, 2009

Ruby Writes to Gramma, Mojo's 'Big Boy' Night, Hiking Plans, Birds at My Feeders

Last night was Mojo's first time sleeping outside his puppy crate. We put his blanket on the floor in our bedroom. He's a big boy now. (ya--about 70+pounds I'm guessing) He was worried about it at first and kept walking around our bed to nose our faces and confirm our opinion that he should sleep in our room instead of his now somewhat small crate. Things went fine and I think this will be good. He will have to be bathed more often and we mustn't forget every his flea & tick protection. And NO MOJO's ON THE BED--EVER!

I am off today. Its a nice cool morning here, 57 degrees at just before 8 am. Lovely!

I've got the sprinkler running in the garden on the newer tomotoes, peppers, cukes and zukes, and I've already handwatered my brocoli babies. I'd like to plant more this fall--but I am not so keen on the soil here--there just aren't enough spots with good enough soil yet to plant a bigger fall garden. One thing I do know though is peppers love this dirt! We had a bumper crop of jalapenos, habeneros and tabasco and banana peppers. More probably than we will need this year. Hubby will have lots of hot sauce ingredients. I've been using the jalapenos and the banana peppers but I don't mess with Hubby's hot peppers.

I've been watching a pair of cardinals feeding at the pink feeder near my window. The sprinkler is coming too close to the red feeder in the garden so the titmice are also trying to feed at the pink feeder--as well as gold finches. When the cardinals are at the feeder they run the roost and the others must keep coming back waiting for an opening. Meanwhile I can hear a carolina wren someplace in the backyard singing his pretty little heart out. A lovely lovely Carolina morning.

One thing Hubby and I have been doing is trying to take more and more walks together with Mojo. We wait now until it is later in the evening, last night we were out when the moon was just coming up and the sun was not quite down yet. It was a full moon. Very pretty between branches of pine trees.

We like to waive at whatever neighbors are outside. If you have ever been in the south you know that people waive here. They waive from their cars and from their yards, and if you walk near them they greet you. They do this even to complete strangers. We were raised in the north, in the midwest mainly, in a city. In that part of the country you don't make much eye contact with strangers--its just not done. I don't know why. Rude really. Not quite so rude as in really big cities--but still nonetheless the message is don't look at me, don't talk to me, go away.
In the south its more like the message is 'you're fine, you have a good day.' The people hands down have better manners and are more open and friendly in public.

"You're Fine." is a phrase I've heard many times if I've made a mistake or apologized for anytyhing. It just really makes you appreciate the people here so much. I can't imagine ever wanting to move away again--I feel that much home now.

Speaking of walking and hiking-- I got a beautiful like new condition used book at the library booksale. Its all about hiking in South Carolina. It has information about trails all over the state. Hubby and I are planning to pick out some shorter trails and begin to go places in our new home state and take hikes, and maybe eventually work our way up to taking longer and longer ones. Good for our health and for our marriage and friendship and we just want to see all the beautiful places here. There are mountains and streams, rivers and lakes and waterfalls to be walked to! I am hoping to find trails where Mojo can come along on his leash. We'll be like a new married couple again, instead of just old grandparents.

And speaking now of grandparenting. I got my first email from Miss Ruby. She pounded on the computer keys quite happily and this is what she had to say:

`111111111111111111 1`A ANBHUJHNJII8`1Q 12q h`````````````````````````wxz\ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaq.,j;/\]NO nn54RRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEDS RTGFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF`1

I'm not sure what it means, but I might frame it. ;)

Her grandpa over in Washington state is taking her and Mommy on a plane trip to meet a great grampa on Mommy's side of the family. This will be a good practice run for her and Mommy since they, along with Ruby's daddy--my son-- will be flying to meet us down in Florida for Christmas, at my in-law's house. We can't wait to see them all again! Our little Ruby was just a newborn when we last saw her, now here she is an accomplished writer and with two teeth too!

Well so much in just one post eh? Isn't my life awfully full?



  1. Mary,

    Thanks for your lovely post. Your writing is always a bright spot in my morning. You paint such a nice picture with your words and I so enjoy visiting Pokeberry Hill vicariously. We are so glad that things are going well for all of you!

  2. Ditto 2 Tramps!!!

    My husband and I do hikes all around in nature areas, state parks, beach parks,etc. I have to agree that is is good for marriage and friendship! As soon as it cools down again here, we will be back at it!