Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Switching Jobs..

Last night was my final shift at the library I have been working at for the past couple years.

My co-workers were wonderful. They had a nice big cake made for me decorated to look like a garden! It had tiny rows of carrots, squashes, tomatoes and lettuces. ;)

There was also the best pumpkin pie I've ever eaten and the prettiest too, as well as chips and dip and some cream puffs. A very nice little spread!

My boss and a couple of co-workers, one who recently retired and one who I have worked with frequently since I started there, also took me out for dinner. I had an extra long 'lunch hour' but I guess they weren't going to fire me over it. ;)

The day before, Monday, one of the gals in the children's department took me for lunch too. Two nice meals and a dessert spread--as well as some nice gift cards and a hand knitted dish rag with soap--all told a pretty nice send off for a part time job. ;)

I spent much of the evening finishing up details of things like making sure someone else could take over the library blog after me and finishing any work that I might not have gotten to this past week.

It was sad to go. I knew all week that I was just really going to miss folks at the library--even the volunteers. I've loved that job!
However-- that said-- as I was driving home at 9 at night and the road ahead of me was long and I was tired, I knew I'd made the best decision I could on this job. I just really need to not do that drive! Monday I left at 11am and didn't get home until 10 pm! That's just too much for me. :(

My kids were pretty excited last night when I came in with all the leftovers from the feasting. They got more than half that cake as well as some leftover pizza and thai food. Pretty nice considering I haven't made dinner the past 2 days. (don't worry they are all old enough to fend for themselves in the kitchen--they just prefer not to)

Today is another day, as the saying goes and I am 'off' today so only have my work to do here at home. Tomorrow I begin my new job with some paperwork and computer training. On to new things!

I do wonder at times how the new job will be, will I like it so much as the old one--I guess I do have my doubts to be honest. I had alot of freedom at the library and opportunities to do some creative things and I enjoyed that. Even so there is something to be said for a cashier job as well. I love customer service and the little bits of daily give and take with regular customers and I do love Harris Teeter as a store--its hand's down the best grocery store in this part of the country. It will be ok, just different. :)

A new chapter begins in my life on Pokeberry Hill.


  1. Mary,

    What a beautiful "garden" cake! I know you will miss the library and your friends and patrons. But you have the right attitude and have made the good choice for your life right now.

  2. What a wonderful send-off! They must have really loved you!

    I hope your new job will be great, and you will be very happy there! It will be really nice just to bring home a few things after work, since you are right there!!! YEAH!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!
    I know its the right choice.. just hard to be always changing things. Hopefully I'll get a taste of some stability in the future. :) We shall see..