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Monday, September 28, 2009

What Happened to the Water? Homemade Art Therapy!

Yesterday our water went out while Hubby was taking his shower. He fumbled about in the dark a while and concluded that the most likely problem was a short in the wiring someplace between the house and the outside well pump. He took a vacation day to fix it. He and the boys used a rented trenching machine to dig a few trenches cross the backyard and then laid new wire. The water is back on, we were thankful it didn't turn out to be a fried pump or something that can end up costing a huge amount. We had that happen in our home in Wisconsin, at that time the cost was $5000 to have all our pipe pulled out of the ground and a new pump installed. When the water went out we were silent as Hubby checked out the various possibilities. Just pulling up all the wire was cause for a mutual sigh of relief.

I checked out a website called, that Julie from A Succulent Life mentioned in a comment to one of my posts. Its a place people can buy and sell homemade crafts. While there I saw the most darling little wool felted animals that looked like story book characters. Long ago I sort of stumbled into sculpting a teddy bear family with some old wool and gave it as a gift to my brother and his wife as a Christmas ornament the year their first baby came. It was just so much fun. When I saw the little characters made by an artist in Britain named Miss Bumbles I could just feel my fingers tingling to get busy and make some of my own. Miss Bumbles is actually a professional children's illustrator named Ruth Rivers. Perhaps that is why her little animals look so much like they belong in favorite story book?

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and picked up some wool roving bundles in various colors and a some needle felting needles--which are jagged sharp things and I have managed to puncture myself a few times so I know this-- you do need to be careful with them. Anyhow I've begun my first little felted wool creation--it is a bear. I don't know if he will be a Brer Bear type or a Pappa Bear type. I'm thinking he may be a hillbilly bear, since afteral here I am in South Carolina, seems appropriate that a Pokeberry Hill bear would have a hillybilly appearance.

I'm very inspired and 'turned on' by this little side adventure. I don't think I will try to sell my creation or any subsequent ones at this time. It has occurred to me that over the years I have either given away or sold all my artwork. Yup, I don't have any! When we were going through some of my Mom's stuff after she died I put a collection of Santas in a box for myself they are all still up in Wisconsin and my brother is planning to ship them to me with some other things. Eventually I will have at least the things I gave my parents that I made, that would be quite a collection I suppose. Anyhow--I guess I just want to make some little wooly creatures for my own enjoyment right now. Why not? When I am finished with this bear person I will put up a picture. Not sure how long it will be, I have so much to do here and will have to make this a quiet time activity. I think it will serve a purpose for me--giving me something joyful and not strenuous to do with myself during a time in my life when it seems as if every day delivers more stressy business to be gotten through.

OH! I nearly forgot! Big news!!

RUBY is walking!!

My little grand-baby at just 9 months traveled upright on her own to her Mommy twice last night! I'm so proud of her!

Perhaps someday when she is a big girl I will give her a collection of felted wool critters? That seems to be a fun thought. They will have wire in them and such like so she won't be old enough for them anytime soon, perhaps I will just keep them for her and enjoy them awhile. ;) Just gotta give things away don't I?

Well this bear is going to be tall and with a big lower belly, sort of shaped like an elongated pear. Working on him makes me smile.

Today I have a ton of things to do as usual. I'm going to start some chicken stock right away and some laundry and walk Mr. Mojo and then I want to feed my garden with fish fertilizer that I just got at the tiny Ace Hardware store in town. I also want to get someone to help me build a new raised bed or two and I'll plant it with cauliflower and brussels sprouts and I want to sow some peas and green onions and lettuces. I don't work until Thursday and so I have things to do.

I've applied to another grocery store it is closer to home. Not as fancy of a store--but it is very close. Likely won't get a call but who knows?

Meantime I plan at this time to just go ahead and work my job and be grateful that if I'm not all that happy with it--at least its not a lot of hours and it goes fast since it is busy. No doubt it will improve in time, or perhaps something else will come along. A person can't be ungrateful for a job in this economy, one must do one's best --besides its a good example to set for younger folks--and they need that. A few days off at a time is a good thing, makes it easier.

I guess I'd best get my stock going so it can simmer while Mojo and I walk, and I do need a shower--yesterday didn't provide me with one. ;)

Wish I could show how the morning sun is shining yellow and bright in spots right now on Pokeberry Hill, right over the garden, where birds are coming in for breakfast now. Goldfinches in particular at the moment. I think this is a place that would do well to be populated by little wooly folks, like my new bear.


  1. Oh, is so amazing that you fell in love with felted creatures! I LOVE THEM TOO, but don't really trust I could make anything in this manner. I should just give it a try...but I wish there was someone who could show me first. I have one blogger pal in Australia who makes them. You can see some of hers HERE!
    I can't wait to see your bear!!!

  2. P.S. Thanks for the mention of my blog!!!!!

  3. Hi Mary! My blogger friend, Messyfish, just posted a felted bunny she made today! You can see it HERE! Just thought I would show you what she did...just for fun!!!