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Friday, October 16, 2009

Adding a New Dog to the Family

Things are coming along with 'George' the little lost dog we have brought under our roof. Mojo, our overly exuberant German Shepherd Puppy enjoys George's company a little more than George does his, but George seems to have recovered well from his initial fear.

At first when George came in he was petrified of Mojo and would do all he could to escape his presence. When cornered by Mojo, George would resort to baring his teeth and growling like he 'meant it'. This was a scary thing for us as we didn't know what might happen next. We were reassured by George's affection toward the humans in the family, so we decided to give George and Mojo a little more time to adjust.

We began by keeping them separated most of the time and keeping Mojo on leash when they did get together. We allowed short times of 'sniffing' and when George would show signs of defensiveness we'd distract them both and take one out of the picture totally.

Today things have progressed further. George and Mojo have actually had a play time together. They basically chased each other about through the kitchen and living room until George was tired, Mojo was still wanting to go, and Mom was pretty darn 'done' with the noise. Mojo was restrained and George was taken outside then up to his crate to rest.

I'm very hopeful right now that this may end up working out. Nobody has reported George missing or answered my Craigslist ad, so it seems he is 'up for grabs'. If we want him, he's ours.

Our daughter has taken a special liking to him and wants to make him her own pet and take him with when she moves to her own place in a couple months. I'm not sure she is ready for this much responsibility, but she has a couple months to work with George and show her readiness. Perhaps he will go with her? Perhaps he will stay with us and be Mojo's companion. We shall see...


  1. Yes... Daughter is giving the matter of adopting George serious thought. She has to figure out how much his vet care will be and etc. She and he already are very bonded.

    George is not near so nervous now. But--I guess I feel that Mojo is enough of a handful for me--I'd just as soon not keep George if Daughter wants him.

  2. I've come to believe that pets need pets. Not necessarily of the same species - my 5 year old dog and 13 year old cat wrestle and play together at least once a day.

    Best of luck with George, whether he winds up with you, or your daughter, or you find him another good home.

  3. Mojo definitely enjoys George, George seems to have come to like Mojo too. They play well together now considering the size difference. A little too rambunctious but otherwise fine.