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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bloggers and Food, Pie in Cast Iron?

Well somewhere along the line in one of our last 4 moves I lost my pie pans!!

I was using those frozen pie crusts for a while that come with the little aluminum foil pans. I decided to pick up some of the rolled up crusts this week as they were a good deal. I do know how to make crust from scratch, but now that I work outside the home I usually buy crusts. I never was that sure that my homemade ones were any better anyhow--baking has never been my best suit--I'm more into other types of cooking. Anyhow I made an apple pie in our new oven about a week ago and it was really really good. This oven just does a great job on roasting and baking jobs--much better than our last 4 or 5... I lost count.. ovens. (all that moving and renting gave us exposure to lots of cheap appliances)

Today we're having corned beef on rye with swiss cheese and I thought wouldn't it be nice to have pie with it? But no pans!

Its been cold and rainy here--pie is one of those things you want when its cold out. I shouldn't complain but gosh--I live in South Carolina and its only October and its 46 degrees out!!! OK its not 4 inches of snow--but when you are as used to warm as we are down here you think 70's is cold.

Anyhow... back to the pie tins. I don't have any. I don't know where they are and when I looked at Walmart yesterday I couldn't find anything but some sort of pie makin 'kit' for almost $40--all I want is a tin and I do not have $40 for it!

I decided to consider using my cast iron frying pans. Why not? They might even make pie BETTER.. hmmm...said the little voice in my head.

I decided to do bit of checking and went to Black Iron Dude's Blog to see if he'd ever made a pie in his cast iron. Oh you betcha he did! In a cast iron dutch oven- and it sure looked good. I don't think the sort of crust I have is enough to use the dutch oven but I'm gonna go for the cast iron pans. Yup yup yup!

Since I was visiting Black Iron Dude's blog his latest post caught my eye. It was a sort of response to Christopher Kimball's editorial in the Times that food bloggers killed Gourmet Magazine. I thought it was pretty interesting. Read: You Stupid Bloggers Killed Gourmet Magazine.

Gosh I want to say I do kind of agree with Black Iron Dude on this one. I also have my own thoughts on internet 'journalism' and blogging vs. print and other traditional media.

There is a revolution going on that I think is just about amazing. Until some control freak manages to suppress it--which I suppose will eventually happen--there is a truly FREE press in our midst. Unlike anything we've seen in my lifetime--maybe ever.

Now we find that professional elite media types have been challenged big time. Many of them can't compete. Its not just Gourmet its most of the newspapers,many magazines and some TV networks.

I think there is good and bad in this but mostly good.

Some of the good is that people can get just about anything they want now in the way of recipes, or news, opinion, information etc..

The bad might include the fact that it may not be fully vetted--some of those online recipes may not taste as good as you had hoped-- but then again-- I think there's a good argument that the problem with professional media is that it is way OVER vetted or made into only Politically Correct 'bleck'. So bland and 'good for you' that its hard to swallow. You just want to spit it out and say Give me something REAL, something that I want to chew on and have to chew on! No more frozen boneless, skinless, chicken breasts filled with a watery solution! And what the heck happens to the rest of that chicken anyhow?

Anyhow I don't think its Gourmet Magazine's fault anymore than any other magazine, but yes--people can find a heckuva lot more stuff online for NOTHING and often with lots of pretty pictures too. Cast Iron Dude's blog for instance has some great mouthwatering photos. You can also do a quick search and find some guy who has created a fabulous website full of Creole and Cajun recipes. Anything you want--you got it.

You do have to do one thing that I think the professional media has never really trusted people to do-- Think for yourself, try it yourself, decide yourself if you like it or not.

Today I will try baking a pie in my cast iron skillet and I'm betting it'll be pretty darn good. It may not be quite correct or perfect but I'm betting it'll go well with corn beef too. :)


  1. I will bet your pie was devine! It has sides just like a pie why not!!! Great idea! I will send my Mom to Black Iron Dude's blog...she loves cast iron cooking!!!

  2. Hey Mary - Somewhere on the site is a link to King Arthur Flour's article on doing pie in a cast iron skillet.

    I like to heat the skillet up a little before adding the crust. Not enough to burn your fingers but warmed up a bit.

    Good luck!


  3. Hi Julie--pie was good but needs tweaking. ;) Greg--I'll check that post next time I'm ready to try this again--soon-- and thanks for the tip about preheating the iron. Love your blog btw!
    Also--all that good stuff folks bemoan they have lost in Gourmet-- I'm thinking its still out there waiting to be googled--even some better stuff!