Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Busy in the House and Garden..

I've been tucking fall plants into the garden as well as planting out some rooted shrub babies from my cold frame. I have quite a few baby gardenia shrubs and baby forsythias. The hydrangeas didn't make it--but that's OK, the Momma hydrangea wasn't the best example anyhow.

In the house I have Sons 2 & 3 working on finishing dry wall and also applying for more jobs. #2 has a phone interview coming up with a cable company, hopefully he'll get something. I guess I figure the best thing I can do with my time right now is light a fire under these kids... not literally--but well ya know. ;)

I made some grilled chicken stock today and some shrimp stock and we're having shrimp creole for dinner today. The recipe I used makes enough to fill 2 stock pots so I froze half of it (before adding shrimp) Shrimp goes in the last 15 minutes. The recipe smells and looks pretty good and I can't think it could be a failure. Tomorrow I'm going to try to duplicate (or get close to) a black bean and grilled chicken soup I made with a little Sweet Baby Ray's in it. Actually--we may still be eating shrimp creole--maybe I'll save the soup for Thursday. I'll just freeze my chicken stock I think.

I'm motivated to get stuff done on this house. We seem to have all gotten into some sort of pause mode for awhile. Hubby has been working overtime on a deadline at his job --yet again--and I got into a bit of a funk and I think with nobody leading the kids just sort of floundered. Time to kick it all up another notch.

My job... well I did quit last night. I almost wonder if I made a mistake, but I just have to go with this decision I think. There's so much to do here and I can't be always feeling torn in different directions and stressed out--I need to make things move along.

I've also decided to work on felted wool critters in the evenings. I'm hoping to put together a few 3 piece jug bands to give as Christmas gifts. It'll be something original and unique. They'll all have a bit of a Pokeberry flair to them.

Mojo the wonder puppy caught a squirrel yesterday. Sadly it was a tragic event. The little squirrel was alive when I rescued him, but barely. I put him in one of my cold frames so he could rest, just in case he would survive. I kept checking and while he did live quite a while, he is now in squirrel heaven. Poor thing. I guess you probably can't convince a German Shepherd that its a bad thing to catch squirrels, so not much I can do about that.

George and Mojo are getting along well but we have to watch them. In the house they have a great deal of fun. Outside--they try to run off. NOT good! We cannot let them outside together at all.

Well, my whole downstairs got a 2nd coat of mud today. I don't know why we waited so long to do this!! It truly didn't take long. But now they will have to sand and that will be a mess--I'm going to have them do that tomorrow.

My goal is to have the downstairs primed by the middle of next week. I think that's a very reasonable goal. If it is every dry outside the boys will be working on cars--we always have one in need. With no garage here the rain has really put a damper on that.

I guess things will be better with me home. I hope Hubby will appreciate that. If I get these boys out working someplace--and started in classes again--then I think I will have made a big difference. Also if we start to see paint on walls rather than drywall and mud.

If I continue to stay at home I think I will do more and more with my garden and with cooking and crafting and writing. We shall see. :)


  1. Mary, Mary, Mary. Your walls will get the mud on they like magic. So why are you guys messing with mud on the walls. Did you NOT GET THE MEMO??? The one that said to BUILD AN ARK??? I'm just SURE one had to have been passed around! lol

    Man, we're starting to flood and I live IN the mountains. I mean, we have some slope to our streets, but the yards are all squishy from all of this endless rain and some of the lower spots have standing water to about 2" deep.

    We prayed for the rain - because of the drought. I guess we'd better pray for it to STOP! lol

  2. Good job getting the kids motivated! Wish you could get me motivated! So much to do and think about now. Need to plan for next job! (Me).

    Can't wait to see your jug band when done!

    I am thinking I would like to embroider pillowcases for Christmas presents! I used to do candlewicking, which I find both beautiful and kinda fast to work.

    Hope to get my winter vegies planted again tomorrow...we shall see.

  3. Darlene-- don't get me started on the rain! #2 Son's car has been sitting with the hood up now for 2 months! With no garage they can't work on the durn thing hardly ever because they'd be lying in a mud sea under it. Yup-- I've been trying to fit driveway gravel in our budget and we just don't have it at this time--but no matter, pretty soon most of the driveway will be gone anyhow.

    Julie--I know. Waiting for kids to figure out what to do is getting pretty old here. I have begun to look for jobs and school opportunities for them. I've also been getting up and TELLING them to turn off lights. Last night between 12 and 1 am I was up 3 times turning off lights in rooms with nobody in them. Every time I knocked on every bedroom door and reminded them of the high electric bill and the fact that Dad--who is asleep--is the only one footing the bill for them.

    I think when all were busy working on the house I didn't feel so bugged. But lately I was going all sorts of directions and Hubby has been swamped at work--and the kids have just been 'hanging out' which I think made me just nuts. Now they are getting my full and undivided attention. ;)