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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Common 'Yellow Shafted' Flicker, New Bird in Pokeberry This Morning

Just got done doing a round of morning chores and am settling down for another cup of coffee. Looking out at the trees I saw three birds that looked a bit unusual--without my binoculars I wasn't sure if I was seeing doves or jays, or what?? Then one began some wood pecking and I decided to grab the binoc's and get a better look. There were three Common Flickers up in one of the tall oaks on Pokeberry Hill. The flash of yellow underneath when they flew away told me they were the yellow shafted rather than the red.

I always love sighting a new bird! Makes my day.

The day had started a wee tad rough. George, our adopted lost doggy had a mishap this morning and left a wet spot on the rug--in front of Hubby... like the worst place to do that! He's got a new set of rules to live by now and peace has been restored in Pokeberry--but too bad the day got going that way.

I've been working on more felted wool animals. I've made a little polecat (weasily guy) I've decided to make some little wool felt animals into a jug bands. I'll make the instruments of polyclay because the wool doesn't make a very convincing jug or wash board. These will be part of one or several Christmas Jug Bands to give as gifts to family at Christmas this year. Perhaps they will each just get a piece or two of a little jug band this year and get more members next year--we'll see how far I get. I think I'll order some Christmas Jugband Music to give along with the critters.

Right now I have a bear and a pole cat. I'm looking at photos of 'possums, 'coons and hound dawgs as models for possible additions to my little group.

I was down in the root cellar this morning putting away some new canned goods I got on sale after work. I've been stocking up on canned veggies when we have our buy 2 get 3 free canned veggie sales. This makes them about 33 cents a can--very good price. I wipe the can tops and bottoms with a bit of paste wax before I store them on the cellar shelves so they won't get rusty. Its humid down there--which is good for roots, apples, onions and potatoes but not so good for tin cans. The paste wax I use is not toxic and we can wash it off before we use the food.

While I was in the cellar I found my box of poly clay and clay supplies. I'm glad I did. Now I can make some musical instruments for my jug band(s) and also the cellar isn't the best place to store that stuff anyhow. Some of it is in little cardboard boxes which are already dampish.

Well George is outside now. I put a pillow on the porch for him--I hope he won't bother my pumpkins! Last time he was outside all day he shredded up some of my potted plants. The porch is all cleaned up now so all he can get is my pumpkins--but I don't think they will be much of a temptation to a small dog.

Mojo is in the house pacing and pouting and I guess now he has plopped down for a mid-morning dawg nap. He wants his little buddy in the house-but well house guests aren't sposed to pee on the rugs. ;)Very poor manners.

I'm planning to make a pan of lasagna for the kids to cook for dinner and I work tonight, I also need to run to the library. Once dinner has been prepped I get to spend the day playing with my new jug band critters. I'm thinking I'll use poly clay to craft them better eyes too. I've been using stick pins that I colored on with marker, I think clay or wool eyes will be nicer.

Pokeberry Hill looks peaceful in the sun this morning, with shadows in spots. The big Poke plant is still holding its own and attracting lots of berry eating birds. The fall veggies are coming along--although I think I'm not so keen on cold weather gardening--I may not do so much of that in the future--more shrubs/perennials for me--less veggies. I always tell myself that... we shall see. ;)

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  1. Bad Geaorge!

    Can't wait to see your jug band!!! What a great idea!!!