Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, October 19, 2009

Felted Wool Poke Bear-y Gets a New Outfit!

Yesterday I took some time to play with the little bear I crafted of felted wool. I didn't care for his original outfit and wanted to add some detail. The other day I found some 100% wool sweaters and a man's suit coat made of wool at a thrift store and I used bits of those along with some wool roving and embroidery floss to make him a sporty little jacket and a sweater. I also made him new pants of wool roving and a pair boots. I've had so much fun working with the wool! This craft is just wonderful! It is like combining painting, sculpting and embroidery all in one! I know there will be more little Pokeberry Hill creatures coming soon. I think I've found a new addiction.

Things are going fairly well. It is chilly here, we had overnight temperatures in the 30s! Incredibly chilly for South Carolina. I woke up just freezing. Hubby put a little space heater by my desk to warm up my joints while I sipped my coffee wrapped in a blanket. I'm warmed up now and have just finished running a mop over our temporary painted floor.

We've been in the house 2 months now. So much has happened! We've had tons of rain and had to deal with the water trying to erode our yard completely away--so lots of mud and we've built some barriers to stop the flow. Seems to have worked well. During our move on the kid's cars broke down and was on the back-burner for a while, but got attention the past few days finally and is nearly finished now. Its one of those smaller cars that you have to take just about everything out of to get at things. We missed our garage as the constant rain did not help out when my son was working on the car.

We lost my Mom--which I am sure got me off track for awhile. I also changed jobs and had to be trained in that--which I am 'getting there'. The job is not quite my dream job, I have to admit that--I am striving to look for the positives, and there are some, I just think not quite so noticeable sometimes as the negatives. ;-)

We've been working mainly on getting things working and comfortable and it is time to start more projects. We have the siding all painted to put up but don't have the money right now to finish that project. I am hoping to put some beaded wall board up in my kitchen this week, Hubby and I measured for it. We've also still got to get all the cars titled in South Carolina and everyone hasn't got their new driver's licenses yet, nor have I switched our insurance.. so many things to do when you move and we are a little behind.

The season has been changing and it is much cooler now, this week will be mostly in the 70s after today. That will be pleasant--open windows. Love that time of year when you don't need heat or A/C. Speaking of heat, Hubby has to hook up a coil for our heat pump--I guess he forgot it earlier. The heat pump didn't pump much in the way of heat last night because it was so cold out and the coil wasn't hooked up. Brrrr...

I'm working on making some Christmas gifts I think I'll go with Felt and felted wool projects this year. Very fun!!

I've had some stiffness and numbness from the change in the weather which I think I'm doing ok with. The worst is my knees after a walk. I've gone almost all OTC with meds. I find I have less problems with them and much less money spent. For the time being that's working fine.

We adopted a little dog we found in our garden--George. My daughter says she will be taking him when she moves, I'm not so sure.. maybe he will stay here. Dunno. He and Mojo didn't get along at first. George was scared of Mojo. They have come a long ways over the past several days. As I type they are busy playing and barking and having a good old time. Yesterday Hubby and I took them both for a long walk and they did pretty good. George was scared of the leash at first but got over it very quickly once he realized the whole pack was going together. I took George's rope and Hubby took Mojo's. I found George much easier to handle for me than Mojo. Mojo has gotten HUGE! He is much stronger than I am too. George I think is part German Shepherd as well, but not fully like Mojo. I think he is a shepherd mixed with something small. Its as if he were a 'me sized' Shepherd. I can handle him so much more easily.
Even if Daughter does take him when she moves out, I am sure he'll be back to visit.
I think its been very good for Mojo to have a friend to pester--er--'play with'. I like them to wear each other out instead of me! ~smile~

I'm working tonight, but today I get to keep playing with wool felting and I'm also going to price gravel for our driveway and parking area and a walk in front of the house. We have something to do all the time here on this house! Someday it will be all done.. Then what will we do next? We shall see..


  1. Hi Mary! You are much you guys have done and will still have to all does seem unending, doesn't it! You have a great spitit though! Hang in there! Love Poke Bear!!! He is so adorable in his new clothes!!!

    One day I will try felting...

    Am gonna try and go back to work today...was out three days, and have to venture back at some point, even though I am not completely well yet. Will just see what I can do!

    See you later...

  2. Hope things go well at work for you Julie! I'm struggling with the Cart pushing aspect of my new job. I think its a job for kids of the male persuasion--not artheritic old grannys. :(