Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, October 3, 2009

In The Fall Garden..

The jury is still out on my job. Folks have been nice to me there--so no complaints in that direction. It is a brutal pace though. last night my back was just so sore--but I was also digging and setting out more broccoli babies before I went to work--maybe the whole day was just an 'over-do?' I haven't been taking anything for arthritis the past week either, and its gotten cooler. Guess its time to add a little to the the pill regimen.

The garden actually looks nicer with the septic field area mowed down. Its all contained atop the hill now and I'm making it longer to use up any areas that have sunlight. At the very tippy top of Pokeberry Hill there are tall trees, so there is also a shade garden behind the shed/cabin.

I'm giving all my plants a handful of composted manure and some are getting mulched for winter. I bought some bales of wheat straw for that--it will decompose and add to the soil. The soil is getting nicer where I have planted, much better than the sand over clay that I started with. The two banana trees made it fine through the summer, I lost a rose, but that's OK. It was one of those 'iffy' clearance plants I'm always picking up. I take pity on them and bring them home, but not all of them make it. Stressed plants have a hard time in the heat here, with lots of TLC though I have managed to coax quite a few to thrive. Makes a gal feel good.

My little felted bear is not near done yet. I didn't work on him the past couple days. Mojo got hold of some pillow stuffing I was thinking of using for his innards, it was all over the living room when I came down this morning. I guess Hubby must have let him have the old pillow I was harvesting for stuffing. Julie at a Succulent Life gave me a link to her friend's blog so I could see her new felted bunny--its adorable!

You gotta watch that Mojo guy all the time! He nosed his way into a book I got at the library--and removed a cd and used it for a chew toy. Now I'll have to replace that--I'm betting a book with 2 cds isn't cheap. :( The library doesn't shop at Amazon.

Speaking of the library they are hiring! First time in many months. I guess I'll put my application in. I'm not exactly a 'shoe in', these days nobody is. I do have experience and good references, so that's something. They no longer specify the location of jobs in their ads --that's sort of problematic. I've heard that the branch near me is likely to be getting a new hire--so just gotta keep the fingers crossed. The grocery store is fine, I can do it, but I guess if I had my druthers I'd be in a library again. More opportunities to learn new things and stretch skills and the pace is not near so exhausting. I'm suited to it more I guess. I'm good at it. I enjoy doing things that I can do well. I miss getting books as often as I was. I'm going before work today, but its out of the way for me now, since I don't work there, so I don't go as much as I was.

I could be suited to just staying home too-but then maybe that's not so good for me? Dunno. The moments spent glimpsing a mockingbird on a poke bush in the golden morning sunlight-- those always seemed more precious to me on days I was rushing off to work--than on days when I could do as I pleased all day. Funny.

My old blog at the library is being kept up by others. They've just added the coolest little slide show with flamenco music! Love it!! I actually like the music so much I've just minimized it and I'm listening to it as I type this morning. Its got a good beat for exercises too I think. ;)

I wonder if there's any flamenco music I can check out? Better keep the CDs up HIGH next time. ;) The one Mojo-no! got hold of was a Norwegian language CD--I dunno... thought I might learn a little Norwegian, alas, it was not to be.

Well here comes Hubby down the stairs, the day begins!


  1. Hi Mary,

    I know these days folks ahve to be thankful for any job but I am keeping my fingers crossed for the library position for you. I would rather be ther than cashiering myself. Good luck!!!

  2. Glad you liked Messyfish's little felted bunny! She is quite the crafty gal...always drawing, sewing, felting, and making 1000's of cupcakes!

    Good luck with getting back into a library...I hope it will work out for you!!! It would be nice to keep working, if for nothing more than to build up your retirment account and your social security!

  3. I may be behind on this, but there's no chance that this is your old job that's being offered up, is there? I seem to think that you are living in a different state now or at least a different county.

    Just curious and thought I'd ask. Here's hoping you get the job.