Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pretty Dog and a Pokeberry Bear is Born

Well here's my not quite finished first felted wool animal attempt. This guy is a Pokeberry Bear. He's a hillbilly, but hasn't got all the details figured out yet--still I think he's coming along well and kind of cute.

Mojo--wants all my blog readers to know that He is cute too--so I'm throwing in a picture of him doing 'Mojo Down'. You don't see this pose much around here!

I'm getting more used to my job, meeting more of the other folks--its not so bad that way. More comfy. I'm still forgetting a few things and the pace is still a bit faster than I like--but I'm keeping up. Just think I need to slow down a wee tad so I don't make mistakes. My biggest struggle is back and join pain lately--but I think that is a combination of the new job and the weather turning cooler. I'm noticing it quite a bit. It'll be fine.

I found out that there is a library on my way to work! Its not from the system I used to work at, but it is right smack in my path so I will have to stop and see what they've got.

I did put in application in at the old system but I know that there is really only one branch close enough to make it worthwhile for me--and chances are the jobs that are available won't even include that branch if I do get an interview. We'll see though, I gave it a shot and that's all I can do. If its meant to be, it will. If not--no biggy. I have a job already and the folks are nice and I'll get used to it, and its only a few days a week so I still have time to things at home.

Life is full of change. Mine has been had more change than I ever would have expected when I was younger. Who plans to move as much as I have? I'm in a good place now though and it will do.

We are looking at the two lots that border our property, they are for sale. I am going to call about them, see what they are going for, if its negotiable etc.. Maybe we'll find a way to buy them. It would make this property better and I have ideas how to use the land. We shall see also how that will go. dunno. :)

Well my little Pokeberry Bear is going to need a name and I think maybe a musical instrument or something, maybe a story? Then some detailing, stitching maybe... ??

I enjoyed working with the wool very much--its a fast moving, very forgiving material and I found it easy to sculpt what I was seeing in my heart and feeling in my fingers. Its been a long while since I did any kind of sculpting--I really missed it!

I enjoyed watching four bluebirds on the big Pokeberry bush this morning, eating berries. I definitely have Eastern Phoebes here, at least two--and they are very pretty! Its a gorgeous gorgeous South Carolina day-- blue sky, puffy white clouds, the tall pines and oaks all about us up here on Pokeberry Hill and a lovely 73 degrees! You cannot ask better in life than this.


  1. OH, gosh, Pokeberry Bear is so cute!!! I love the shape of the bear...a real country feller, with his overalls, and yes...a fiddle or a washtub instrument of some sort would look really neat! I am impressed in how you created this guy from nothing really...that is the part that is so great. You have a wonderful talent, Mary!!!

  2. I'm very accustomed to working with nothing. ;) LOL.. Anyhow it was fun. I made a little wire armature and then stuffed it from pillow stuffing that Mojo provided. Then covered it with wool. The eyes are temporary--they're yellow bead sewing pins that I used a marker to darken. They look good I think--but the pins can get you if you grab him. ;)