Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day..

Well I guess we're in a weather pattern here and holding. It is wet and misty in the garden and woods this morning and the sky shows no promise of anything different. Its fine. I'm making some soup today and homemade bread before I go to work. The garden appears very happy in this warmish wet weather I can see the little veggies growing daily.

Yesterday was too wet for our young house guest to work outside and so I had him organize and clean the part of the basement that leads to my root cellar/ pantry. I did my coupon shopping and made a quick stop at Aldi to stock up on certain things there and also ran to Lowes for a couple of covered waste baskets to use in the house-- I want lids on every can in the house because we have a rather large puppy with a fully functioning nose. ;)

When I returned my pantry area was all nicely cleaned and sweat as were the basement stairs and a wide path was cleared and organized to give me good access to the little underground room full of shelves that I am using to store canning supplies, excess food, and many other things that haven't got a home upstairs at present. Just in time! I was able to store some extra bottles of detergent, fabric softener, bleach, ketchup, steak sauce, coffee, and etc. All things that I have purchased for stock piling. I now get 3 Sunday papers so I can get all the coupons and buy 3 of things that are at particularly tempting prices--if and only if--I know they are things we will use and things that will keep well for a little while. Some deals are for more than 3 of a product--I use the same criteria for those things. I don't like the idea of 'hoarding' and I don't want to cross a line and buy things I truly don't foresee a need for, but I think it makes good sense to keep a well stocked pantry ready for emergencies and weekly meal planning and also to save a great deal of money because I never have to run out and buy something at full price because I've run out. This truly is working!

Every now and then there are deals at stores I don't normally shop, stores out of my way-- for the most part I skip those. I try to keep my shopping minimal so that I don't spend extra money just running all over and stress myself out in the process. I stick mainly to just a few stores that are on a particular 'route' that is convenient to me. Since we moved it took a little time to adjust my route, but I think I've got it now. I also go to Sam's Club every now and then.. less now since we are further away. Usually a very good sale/coupon deal will be less expensive than Aldi or Sam's Club--thus worth stocking up at.

My grocery cart sometimes looks weird. Yesterday I had 3 fabric softeners, 2 bleach, 2 detergent, 6 boxes of tissue... 3 bottles of cold/flu over the counter medicine--which I expect we will certainly need at some point this winter--why not pay less for it before we get sick?

My kids don't always understand why I do things the way I do--but they do know that when they need something I almost always already have it someplace. Kind of cool.

yesterday I spent $101.06 at my best grocery store and saved $87.96 in coupons and sales. Not as good as I sometimes do, I aim for 50% savings, but I was close and there were a few things, as usual, that I had to buy at full price. Imagine though if I'd bought everything at full price--yikes! The same cart full of stuff would have cost nearly $200! When I use some of the items as far into the future as December or January--what will the prices for those things be then? Lower? Not likely. I also spent about $30 at Aldi for some items that they almost always have the lowest price on. I am buying a shorter list at Aldi and Sams now but I buy more of them so I don't run out between visits which are further between than they used to be. I'm getting the majority of my grocerys at the chain I work at--sometimes after work-- thus saving myself a trip altogether for some items. Tonight I just want to pick up some more of the sale priced chickens after work. They are a very good deal right now and we eat a couple every week--so buying extra ones will ensure we eat really cheap chicken for about a month and a half. :) Hopefully there will be another sale by then.

Shopping to stockpile is a fun way to shop, it keeps your house well stocked and saves money. I think it makes more sense for me than almost any other way to save in a bad economy. We always need food and cleaning supplies, medical supplies and paper goods--can't go wrong getting them this way.


  1. Mary,

    Your storage area downstairs sounds wonderful. It is really good to have extras of the things you use stored. With this economy, being prepared for anything is so important. I adopted your under bed box to store bar soap and toothpaste, etc. Very handy and a great idea - thanks!

  2. It is a pretty big room and has shelves on 3 sides and a counter w/ a flourescent lamp above it on the 4th side. One side the shelves are floor to ceiling and narrow so they just fit canned goods or quart/pint jars. The man who started to build our house was living on the property--he says a year--but we are sure it was much longer. He did a ton of canning here and drying of food. I have to say though his garden was pretty poor--but he did have lots of big plastic pots full of black dirt ( took them with him) I suspect he grew more in those. I know from things found in the garden that he had potatoes and tomatoes here, he also had chickens. He built the room as a storm shelter and pantry. He lived in the shed I think --for sleeping but I'm pretty sure he used the house quite a bit too. He worked on this house for at least 7 years and didn't finish but its amazing what he did get done alone. Lots of work. ~not all done right though ;)