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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stock Cooling, Mojo Afoot-- Literally!

I'm sitting here with Mojo's leash around my foot. He's lying at my feet, though I know that is not his preferred activity right now. He'd very much like to be chewing up the floor mat by my kitchen sink or #3 Son's shoe. He's just been a bit too busy this morning! Anyhow I just finished cutting up apples and making a pie, making some soup stock--cuz I didn't get it done yesterday afterall, and I've got my chicken and veggies all prepared to go in my soup pot. First I have to quick chill the stock so that I can skim off the fat before I make soup. Today I'm going to make chicken soup with some dumplings in it. I usually make matza balls but I'm out of matza meal so dumplings will be fine.

I work this afternoon and evening but I expect to have the pie and some bread finished and the soup simmering before I leave. Mojo has been following my work closely. ~wink~ Not so much by choice.

Someday this furry white guy will figure out who's boss around here, until then I just have to keep on reminding him.

Mojo has spent more time in his crate lately. Being a white dog you can really tell when he's full of red clay mud. With all the rain we've had, he has had to dry off in the crate every time he's gone outside the past couple days. Not much fun for him lately. I did get him a nice marrow bone though and he has cleaned that up real well.

All I really have left to do at this point in the kitchen is mix up some dumplings. That shouldn't take long. The soup will tend itself for quite a while before I leave for work.

I love days when I get something done in the kitchen! Those are days I feel as if all is right in the world. Good food cooking and a family to enjoy eating it--what more could I want in life?

Last night the boys cooked and made pizza from some fresh dough balls I bought at Harris Teeter. It was pretty good. They used up the end of my homemade chicken pizza sausage. I'll have to get that new-to-me, used meat grinder going soon and make some more fresh sausage. I've got several chunks of pork in the freezer as well as some beef and chicken, some combination of that will soon become breakfast sausage and italian sausage.

I'm thinking one of these days I may want to buy a 2nd freezer--but I'm not sure yet. Ours is usually full--but maybe its best to cook what's in there and just save the money. Dunno just now. I'm not keen spending much extra at this time--only for things I think are truly worthwhile. I'm eying a couple lots of land that border our place--those are attractive to me, and also we need more cash to finish the siding outside and hopefully bring in some gravel and dirt for the yard and driveway.


Well I think I'm going to check on my pie and see if I can skim that stock yet and start the soup. The bead is making itself today in the breadmaker. I've cleaned up the kitchen as I've been working so I'll be leaving it in good shape with easy to grab food before I take off for my part time job. I like to leave things this way--feels just right to me.

The family likes it too.

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