Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, October 1, 2009

To Work or Not to Work??

Well this new job has me debating in my mind and talking to Hubby about the possibility of going back to just working at home. I dunno.. it just is not floating my boat I guess. Hubby wants me to keep trying for now--to bring in that income. I don't blame him, we can use the money and I know he wants me to have a life outside the house too. I think its different though. If I continue in the position and pay that I have now--I would have to work nearly 10 years to bring home as much as Hubby will in about 6 or 7 months. I guess he probably has more incentive to work that way. But maybe I'm just being picky?


Well I think too, if I were working at night or in the morning only--then the rest of the day would feel more profitable here at home. It does seem I am working in the heart of the day--smack dab in the middle--a bit too much. That means you can't really get started on much here at home, or finish things. Work becomes like an interruption.

Of course too, its not the work I most enjoy, I like customer service and being at the point of sale--but I like a little variety. This is pure cashier work and maybe not my cup of tea.

I think most of all--I would enjoy something that involved internet and writing and possibly sales. Maybe I need to look at more ideas and maybe in time I will be home, but still bringing in my little bit of paycheck.

We shall see..

Meanwhile I am enjoying my coffee and looking out over the garden and watching some birds. I think I saw a pine grossbeak yesterday, not sure--it was trying to hide. I think I may also have seen a pair of phoebes flying about near the tree canopy this morning--not sure yet.

Titmice and chickadees are keeping the feeders active. I put new suet cakes in the red feeder and the chickadees like that.

The garden is being rearranged and worked on a bit. I got out my DR Trimmer yesterday and mowed down my strawberry patch so it looks quite different.

I decided to let the big pokeberry tree/shrub/weed stay until it dies back this winter. I will kill it next spring with some Roundup since I can't allow the taproot to grow in the drainage area for our septic. There are other poke plants near here, the birds will be fine--and they will likely plant more too.

The pepper plants are way at the end of the drain field, as are the raspberries--those I think I will allow to stay put. Probably I won't plant where the peppers are after this year, and I will encourage the raspberries to do their increasing on the backside of their of little area, thus they will in time move themselves.

Here are the finches now at the pink feeder and there is a fairly large herd of doves walking about the garden as well. I think Mojo the garden puppy and I will go out and do a bit of work in the garden before I shower up for work.

I also need to feed my parrots. Bubba and Sweetpea have adjusted well to our move here. They have a nicer spot, between the living room and dining room where they can see everything that goes on here. Bubba barks at Mojo now and then and Sweetpea scolds him with hisses. Mojo is a little intrusive, he sometimes will stick his whole head into the parrot cage and they want him to know they aren't fond of him.
I doubt he picks up on that. Mojo is a bit thick skulled.

The doves seem to enjoy the fact that I mowed down the berry patch. It had alot of grass in it, so they are busy looking for the odd bits of seed there.

I went through some of the new weekly sale ads for the grocery stores this morning. I have earmarked a few things I want to get. I also would like to stop in at Aldi for a few things after work tonite--I want to update my Aldi & Sam's Club Price list sometime soon. I haven't edited it since July and I'm interested to see the change in prices since then. I think I'll print out just the Aldi portion and take it with me so I can jot down some notes. In particular I generally buy dairy there and spaghetti and some other select things. I'll post the Aldi Price list update I think tomorrow.

Made a real yummy black bean and chicken soup yesterday! I used homemade stock from chicken I grilled Monday. I also used chicken from that same batch. I added a bit of bacon that was pre-cooked and stashed in the freezer for cooking, leftover homemade salsa, some frozen white corn, and 2 cans of black beans. The secret ingredient that I think gave it a great flavor was about 1/4 cup of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. I served the soup with those little tortilla strips. Usually I make my own but this week I had some I got with coupons that were meant to be salad toppers. The soup was great! You don't need recipes to make great soup always--sometimes you just need to think what tastes good together and throw it in the pot!

Well time to go visit the garden. I'm tucking cauliflower plants in between spent annuals so I'll have some pretty blue-green foliage in the flower beds and cauliflower to eat later. :)

In the interest of saving money for next year I am also planning to try to save some sweet potato vine and some impatiens from this year's garden for next springs. I also have a huge pot of variegated Swedish ivy that will come in for winter and next year I think rooted cuttings of it will be adding a little zip all over Pokeberry. Some house plants were born to be garden plants as well.

This is one of my favorite times in my garden. Here in the south you can enjoy a fall garden almost more than a summer one. In summer its just unrelentingly hot here, you water in the wee hours of the day and then spend the day hiding in the house or in the shade. In fall and spring you can be outside and digging and dreaming in relative comfort. I'm doing both this year and so happy that this house is truly MY house.


  1. Just a thought.
    You may want to rethink the raspberry location. If they really are located down at the end of the drain field, the water source may have the raspberry canes inching towards it instead of away from it. Raspberries, like blackberries are invasive and they like water. Once they head in a direction, they're hard to beat back - at least that's been my experience with blackberries (raspberries are a kissing cousin to blackberries).

  2. Hi Darlene.. its worth considering--but I don't think its very wet down at that end. I'm thinking selective pruning may get them going the other way. We'll see. ;)

  3. OK... let me just say Go SWEET BABY RAYS!!!!! This is my new love!!! I put it on and in everything!!!

  4. Yah.. its good! I used to make my own bbq sauce but that stuff is so much tastier than mine that now I just look for coupons and sales or get it at Sam's club. It really improved the flavor of that soup.