Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flu Maybe??

Hubby does seem to have a flu--not sure if its the dreaded H1N1 or not. He has a fever and cough and is pretty much lying on the couch or in bed. He seemed to be getting worse last night, but this morning looks better. I think most likely if this is the H1N1 flu it appears to be a mild case. I wish I could tell the kids who are out of town to stay away but I know most of them work tomorrow so home they will come and be exposed they will--although frankly most likely they will be exposed at work or at the party anyhow.

I guess you either get it or you don't and its bad or its not. So much like most of life--completely unpredictable.

I had my last day yesterday at the grocery store. We were quite busy and I was exhausted when I was done. I left with no fanfare, no goodbye--just as usually there was no hello either. The store is simply too busy for anyone to bother with nice-i-ties, except toward customers. They do excel in customer service--but I think upon reflection it is too much. I think they so obviously try incredibly hard to be fast at the register for instance--and the arrangement is so awkward for the worker--I think it would be nice if the customers didn't expect them to be so fast. Its almost a sort of abuse to the worker the way I see it. There's something wrong almost it seems with working people so hard in order that the customer will not have to wait at all. What is wrong with waiting a little bit so the cashier can work at a human pace?

What kind of lifestyle are we cultivating these days? I don't know really why it is the way it is. I suppose the profit margin is such that they couldn't have too many more lanes at one time--you don't know if a cashier will stand doing nothing that way--it just seems awfully cut throat to me the way things are. Well.. no matter, I'm done.

I do appreciate more what the cashiers and staff go through at this particular store chain now--especially in a busy one like the one I was in. I will never be cross with a cashier--though I don't think I ever could have been before either.

Again as I said, I'm done now--so time to move on.

It rained again last night and is overcast again this morning and has been muggy. The fall colors are gorgeous in spite of any fog or mist or gray sky. It simply is beautiful to drive around here, the roads are all lined with trees. Our yard is beautiful in full color. There are plenty of evergreen pines that area also losing some needles and they blend beautifully with fall wild flowers, and red and yellow maples and orange oak leaves. When we are out walking we see lots of huge mushrooms, as they get older they turn upwards like cups and hold water on top of them. All so pretty here!

I need to do more planting and working in my garden and yard. I am concentrating a little more on the edges of the yard now than just in the garden itself. There is a tree stump near the driveway that has been surrounded by weeds and some grass. I am putting some small shrubs in there and some summer flowering heat loving plants and adding some pansies for winter color and some daffodil bulbs for spring. I'm planning to lift out the grass and plug it into a little 'sod bed' in the backyard. I'm going to try to make a little extra grass that way. We aren't going to need that much grass in the backyard I think--the way I plan to do it. We shall see how it works out. Grass is like any other plant--I don't see why it can't be multiplied. Some of the grasses on our hillside I think would actually make nice specimen plants.

My Possum, one of the little jug band critters I'm working on is looking a little too much like a rat. I'm struggling with him. He may just turn into a rat and I'll start over on a different Possum. As I work with the wool I'm learning and getting better. I am also thinking of trying to sell some things on or Ebay. My daughter-in-law asked me if I'd heard of Etsy and suggested trying it. I had already heard of it from Julie at A Succulent Life. I am getting more interested in that idea. I'm also kind of interested in the backyard nursery idea--maybe having plant sales in spring every year. Not yet--I need more plants propagate and to sell crafts I need to create more too--that may need to wait as well. Its all food for thought though.

I think it will be a quiet day here, Hubby is snoring by the TV behind me an the garden looks quiet in the darkish morning. The colors of the plants in the garden against the leaves on the surrounding woods-- wow! This place is not all in order yet but it just looks so much like a painting to me. :)

I am researching plants for ground covers on the hillsides here. There is a lot that grows naturally and some grass--but I would rather have a ground cover that is more uniform in some areas and that doesn't require mowing much. It needs to be able to take some strong heat all summer and to be able to hold soil to help with our erosion control efforts. It also needs to be something I can propagate fairly easily as I will not have the budget to buy huge amounts at a time.

Always busy thinking and doing and solving my little problems here on Pokeberry Hill!

Other things to do today, roast or grill some chicken-- I didn't use Friday or Saturday. It must be cooked today and tomorrow the leftovers will be soup, God willing. Hoping no more of us get sick an that Hubby is well soon--realizing most likely we'll get sick--so might as well start laying in the chicken soup.

The woods are so inviting! I think I will have to work a walk in the woods into my day today, maybe bring my camera too. I just look out and have to think, God is good.


  1. You are such a good writer, Mary! It is always a pleasure for me to read whatever you write. It is a story...a good story of your life unfolding...a memoir of sorts...

    Thanks for sharing with us! Your life makes mine a little happier and fun! ;)

  2. thank you Julie--that is kind.

    I'm feeling a bit weird in the head.. I'm guessing the flu is on its way. :( Well-- it must wait as I must make a batch of soup for it. Hubby wanted it to day but I wasn't ready-- so he has been promised it for tomorrow. :)