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Friday, November 20, 2009

Frugal Wedding Plans, Got the Dress! My Sister's Puppies!

We had an exciting day yesterday. My daughter and I went wedding dress shopping and she bought the dress of her dreams. I thought she looked just beautiful in everything she tried on, but one of the dresses just tickled her so much, she knew it was the one. We brought it home to show poor Dad--who I think is not really ready for this. ~wink~.
Anyhow they will alter it next summer when we are closer to the date, meanwhile it is hanging in my closet in a zipped up bag.

We found a place we think will be perfect for the wedding and reception and the cost will be well within our budget. A beautiful state park! There is a lake, all the lovely trees you normally find in South Carolina, camping sites for out of town relations should they want to use them, several covered gathering areas, one of which will seat up to 120 guests, and a banquet type building--if we choose that. Cost to use this facility will range from $25 to $200 depending on what we decide to rent. We are thinking possibly Labor Day Weekend to give our out of state family a chance to get down here if they want to--but I haven't checked on availability yet so the date is not set in stone--we plan to attend to all those details after Christmas.

We think we have chosen colors for bridesmaids and groomsmen--of which we think there will be two of each plus a tiny little flower girl named Ruby. (of course!--she will be about 18 months by then)We're looking at a pretty satiny olive green. The wedding gown is ivory.

The plan is for me to make all the bouquets and decorations-- I would go with using greens--some possibly from Pokeberry Garden, and then adding ivory and I think kicking it up a notch with some autumny peachy/orange for brightness.

We will likely self cater the event--but that depends on how many folks I think.--We might get a BBQ place to cater instead. I am thinking simple good food with a southern flare. BBQ, coleslaw, potato salad, pasta salads.... beans.. that sort of thing--maybe some chicken?

Anyhow its exciting to realize we truly can bring this together on a tight budget and still have it be beautiful too. We plan to make or rent a pretty arch and decorate it with grapevine and flowers. We'll hire a justice of the peace to come out and do the ceremony and have the wedding and reception at the same park.

Music, I think, my son the musician can make a nice mix CD and do a bit of DJ-ing for us.

Other than wedding things, I have been busy working outside every chance I get. I found lots of clearance priced shrubs at Lowe's lately and some perenial plants too. I have been planting up the backyard edges and making paths. By using a hammer and chisel I can create pavers from that giant pile of concrete we inherited. I am taking grass from certain areas of the yard that actually have grass and 'plugging it in' on paths between the pavers. I intend to paint the pavers when it gets dry enough out--lately it sprinkles most days--which is good planting weather.

Hubby is taking off next week to work on the house with the boys and I will be doing my bits in the yard but also working on my Christmas jug bands. I had a set back with that--George and Mojo got hold of my poor little pole cat and tore him all up--so I am making all new figures--with a simpler design. Right now I am finishing up a raccoon.

I'm keeping very busy and enjoying it. I think the pills the new doc gave me to help me just relax and sleep at night have given me a new lease on life--I am able to do so much more during the day after sleeping well. My depression seems to have lifted. Also I think getting outside every day is very important even if it is not sunny--your body still makes vitamin D which I have just learned is very important for heart health, blood pressure and preventing depression--so get outside!

Well... I am a wee bit too busy this morning to post pix--maybe later--but I also have to run and see where George and Mojo have gone as it seems a little quiet in here--that can only mean trouble!

Speaking of puppies--my sister's family welcomed 9 yesterday! So cute! I guess, I WILL go ahead and post a photo after all-- who doesn't want to see baby puppies?

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