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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

He Went to Jared...

Well last night we had a bit of a surprise. Our daughter arrived home with a ring on her finger! Not at all an expected event right now, but her young man is someone I've had the opportunity to get to know and I do think she's got a good match there. They are young, but so were we...

I don't think there seems to be a hurry to choose dates right now, they both want to attend school and are working and have some time to work on whatever plans they intend to have. "Daughter-Baby", my youngest, will turn 21 next month. She is old enough to know her mind, and I know her well enough to know that she will follow it.

That was one bit of news, and just when we were busy calling relatives with that little tiding, I got a phone call from the library system where I used to work. I have an interview today for a full time position! The only thing is--I don't know which branch the actual job will be at... that could pose a problem. Not many are close enough--but there are some I would certainly be willing to drive to.

That is the 'one job I would consider right now' that I mentioned in an earlier post after I quit my grocery store job. I just loved working in the library and it is the only place I can envision myself taking on a full time job right now. So... we shall see.

Its a bit inconvenient that the interview is today! I have let my hair go a bit, so I will need to run out this morning and get a bottle of something to cover the gray and then go use my $6.95 haircut coupon at Great Clips--its in my purse awaiting a special occassion.

If this turns out--it will be fine. God knows we could use the money, and frankly it is a little bit lonely being home all day, and it is work that I do enjoy.

Its alot less free time though--and that is something to consider. On the other hand, full time with benefits and some retirement help--is nothing to sneeze at in this economy is it?

Well... we shall see....

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  1. Oh, exciting! I think you will definately have the job if you want it! I hope it works out as far as location...but you know it is a great sign that THEY called you! They want you back for sure!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed!

    P.S. Congrats to your daughter on her engagement...they look so happy together!!! God bless them as they start their life together!