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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jug Band and Kitchen Progress...

We've been busy here in Pokeberry! Hubby has been working on finishing drywall. We went to Lowes and realized we didn't care for the bead board that fit our budget--it seemed too 'cheap'. The nicer stuff was out of our range by quite a bit so we opted to finish the dry wall and paint the walls instead. I picked out some Valspar brand paint colors--my favorite part. I got 'Moon Tide' for the kitchen walls, 'Sea Salt' for the cupboards and trim and 'Sun Hat for some smaller pieces of furniture I use in my kitchen. We're also going to use Sun Hat for the living room and dining room walls. I used our outside house paint: "Pine Green" to paint an old wardrobe that I use as a cabinet in the dining room. I'm going to re-do my wood plant table--I think in Moon Tide and my currently yellowy wicker bookcase will be 'Strawberry Pink'. Everything will be gardeny fresh!

The Moon Tide is a medium pretty green, the Sun Hat is a pretty yellow gold--which will look fabulous in the living room and dining room because with all our big windows it will accent the scenery in every season! It also looks nice with our couch which is somewhat pine green with some wine and yellowy gold in it.

I got a coat of primer and 2 coats of paint on my wardrobe and Hubby has been mudding up a storm on the drywall. We've ordered a gadget to attach to our shopvac that has a sander/vacuum so it should suck up alot of the dry wall dust when we sand. We're not sanding until after Tomorrow--so no dust on my big turkey.

Other than the house projects work continues on my jug band animal collection. I have started to make the little animal's heads only, just now to speed it up. I'll finish up bodies later as well as make instruments. I have 'in my head' the methods for Rustoleum 'hammered copper' spray paint and it looks like an old beat up rusty wash tub! Love it! It will make a great wash tub bass and it was very easy to do.

As you can see I already have several little critters, my original poke-beary,a raccoon, a possum, a fox and a chicken.At one time there was also a little Polecat but sadly our Puppies 'did him in'. Right now I'm working on a billy goat--I have lots of ideas for each person on my gift list and there will be more to come.~smile~

After Christmas the wedding will be my new focus. We've planning an outside wedding at a lovely state park. (hopefully--gotta see about the dates etc..) I plan to do the cake top myself and all the flowers, as well as help with invitations and table decorations and if the wedding stays smallish--the food.

It will be a true semi-frugal Pokeberry Wedding. I am not making the cake--I know of a lady who makes cakes on the side from when I worked at the library. She made my 'garden' going away cake. I think I'll ask her if she can do a wedding cake--maybe we'll go with a sheet cake to save $$.

I'd love to get going on those things but I'm too busy right now--so I told dear daughter--aka "Bride-y" that there will be no Wedding Business conducted until after the holidays--although we did go get her dress at least. (it was the annual sale time)

I am going to try to put in lots of cutting flowers that bloom in late summer and early fall--maybe most of my bouquet flowers will come from my own garden--though I expect to have to buy at least some of them.

I've been doing a wee bit on my landscaping daily. Most days I plant a perennial of some sort, and try to put in two pavers and a few of my homemade grass 'plugs' they are somewhat bigger than an actual plug. I steal grass from the sides of the house and put it patchwork style in the backyard to make paths. I've got four walking paths begun now with a few pavers for each one and some grass. Its coming along. Unless the weather turns freezing cold I will keep on doing this in increments.

Also in the garden now--my broccoli is getting ready to eat. We'll have some this week. It is so beautiful! My knockout roses are still blooming like crazy and I will certainly buy more of those whenever I find them marked down--they are a great power plant for the money.

Well I best get going, I have laundry to finish and a goat to make, and I need to make some pie today too. Always busy in Pokeberry!


  1. "Always busy in Pokeberry" is an understatment!!! You are busier that a one armmed paperhanger! LOL! Good to hear all you are doing...and your jug band animals are amazing! I have that same box full of cards of floss (as in your picture). I have been having a desire to try some candlewicking embroidery...maybe one of these days I will give it a go!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Julie!
    I think my favorite critter is the fox but Hubby loves the chicken.
    It sure is fun to do. :-)

  3. Mary,
    All your painting is so inspiring! I need to go to Lowe's this weekend for some electrical items and am planning to swing through the paint area to see your colors. The names alone sound so lovely! Wish we were neighbors so I could come see it when it is all done and share a cup of coffee with you!

  4. That would be so fun! I haven't had coffee/tea neighbors since Wisconsin. Miss that!

    The internet fence is nice though isn't it? You can find some of the nicest folks here.