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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kitchen Gets Some Attention!

Well Hubby has a week off and was looking for a project that won't cost too too much $$. I made my case for some work on my kitchen--yah-- I do know its Thanksgiving week.. so yah.. I am kinda dumb. ;-)

Anyhoo we (he) is going to finally put the bead board up on the wall behind my stove and mount a fan/light over the stove and add a new long shelf above the counter.

I am getting paint to paint the new wall and the cupboards/shelves, woodwork--when I get it... etc.

I'm going with a pretty combo of Valspar paints from Lowes. I like the Valspar quality it is much better I think than their less pricey brand-- Olympia.

I'm going with "Moon Tide" green for my walls, "Sea Salt" a pale almost white, green for my cupboards and shelves, and "Sun Hat" a pretty yellowy gold for accents--maybe some cupboards? Trim on windows will likely be Sea Salt.

We've had some arguing about the kitchen design--I really wanted to try to replicate Julia Child's old kitchen somewhat--with the peg board--Hubby says it looks like a garage and that she had prettier pots and pans than mine.. oh fine. (point taken) I guess I won't have peg board--for now... maybe I can do like liberal politicians do and just assume that 'no' means keep trying. (snuck that one in there)

Well I do get my bead board and my color choices so I'm very pleased and excited!!

We're doing the wall behind the stove first. When that is done--I'm not sure-- cuz I really do need to be in the kitchen by Wednesday--so maybe the rest of the week will be a different project--we shall see. ;)

I'm still working on my jug band characters for Christmas--I really need to move faster with them. I have begun to construct instruments. I'm going with paper mache for those. I've got a bucket begun for a wash tub bass. I used a disposable plastic party cup to make a base to do mache over and--cut it to size and put a layer of masking tape over it to make the paper mache stick better. I'm going to finish that up soon and I hope to then make several more just like it. I am going to shoot for the moon and 'try' to get several 3 member jug bands done for Christmas--and some extra characters too--for smaller gifts. We shall see...

Well, Hi Ho, Hi Ho... its off to Lowes we go!

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