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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little This... A Little That..

I'm feeling better but with a lingering bit of cough and sometimes headache. Starting to get things done here and there around Pokeberry. I've managed to clean up the laundry room and get all that caught up including the mating of a great deal of white socks with red clay bottoms. (they just come that way here--no matter what you do- that red clay stains)

I've tackled a bit of gardening again. I'm working on landscaping. Its a slow thing with low budget ideas. I've discovered here and there patches of grasses that I think will do fine for a lawn. I researched planting a lawn with 'plugs' and decided to just sort of go it on my own. I dig up a bit of grass and take it to where I want it. Right now I have a sort of patchwork grid of grass 'plugs' forming the beginning of a path to the cabin/shed. I plant grassy patches about a foot (my foot--not very big) apart. I gave them each a dose of fish tea and water and roughed up the 'durt' around them. I think they'll do fine. They are a weedy grass but I do not care. I've never been one for a pristine lawn and now that I live in the woods I'm hardly about to start that habit. I just want some grass here and there to form a backyard and paths between gardeny areas and woods. Most likely our lawn will be a combination of different grasses and herby things and ground covers. Anything you can mow, walk on, and that will help control erosion will do fine for us.

I found another use for the concrete block piles that we inherited. There are so many of these darn things!! Anyhow Hubby and I hauled some to a spot where we had a great deal of water run off causing our yard to erode too much. We made them a serpentine looking little wall and put landscape fabric about them and then put some dirt up against them. This is filling in with dirt as it rains and almost leveling off. Eventually I plan to plant around that area so you won't be able to see the concrete at all.

Another use we found is to bust some of the them with a power chisel--and they make nice almost professional looking pavers.

We've also used broken chunks in dry stream beds to help guide water down our hillside along the driveway and other places.

Today I found a new use!! I had put in one my new rose bushes that I got on clearance just before I got sick. I then dug about to form a new bed, sort of trenching around the edges. I filled the little trench with wet newspaper to stop weeds and (8 layers thick) Then I put small chunks of broken concrete at the bottom to build up a little border. At the top I put nicer looking rocks from our hillside and woods. We have lots of granite and quartz rocks and river rock, but not enough to build high edging--with concrete chunks hidden beneath the pretty stones-- well I can have nicer looking raised beds. I mulched up my rose, watered everything and gave it some tea and then put away my tools and came in to plop. I'm pooped!

A little bit of sweating is good for me I think, help me get the lungs cleared and feel better, but rest is good too in its turn.

I've finished my possum for a jug band. Now I have a bear, a pole cat and a possum. I have decided to take them all in a different direction however. I want to make the bodies more 'human' so I can pose them better when I make the instruments. I will probably keep my first little attempts at wool felted critters, but I think I am going to be developing a whole new idea with them. Funny how things come to you as you learn more about something. I love wool felting! It seems to lend itself well to things I think of doing. Can't wait to have a batch of little critters all made up for Christmas. I had best get working on them though, time's a wastin'.

Harris Teeter had triple coupons this week. Well I went Saturday early in the morning and I saved over a hundred dollars. You can only triple 20 coupons in one day though so I thought well, too bad, I have an awful lot more. Well I ended up going back Sunday --cuz I had made a mistake and needed to return to pretty bottles of wine I found in a clearance rack. I thought they were $2.40 each. Well--I thought--now for that price they will be a little treat, if they don't taste great I can cook with them or make a wine vinegar--and the bottles would make pretty vases. Well when I got home I realized they were NOT $2.40, they were $2.40 off! The new price was $13 something per bottle. There's no way I could say that's in my budget.

So back to the store I went to return them, I figured OK, while I'm there I'll do 20 more triple coupons--which I did--great! But--I couldn't return the wine because it was Sunday. NO alcohol can be sold or apparently even returned on Sunday in South Carolina--except in Tega Cay--where the ritzy folks voted that idea out the window--makes hanging out at their fancy lake houses more fun I guess. ;)

So.. I now plan to return the wine on Thursday when I go in for a blood pressure check. The new weekly sales start on Wednesday so I'll see if there are any bargains I'd like then.

I found some nice wooden spoons, a baster and some very nice basting brushes at the store when there Sunday. They were marked down low so I got 2 of each. I'm looking for little things to give my daughter as she plans to move out in January. She'll need lots of little gadgets.

I've gotten some organizing done over the weekend and while I've been sick. I organized the bathrooms and laundry better. My next project is the kitchen pantry area--Oy! what a mess!! I need to de-clutter it all and send some down to the basement pantry. I also need to find counter space for my big mixer as its the baking time of year now, and room for my sausage grinder. I need to make a big batch of homemade sausage this week I think. Hubby wants some maple flavored breakfast sausages and some spicy Italian sausage for pizza and I'd like to see if there is anything new I might want to try while I'm at it. If you're going to grind up a bunch of meat might as well try a little experimenting too.

We are on pins and needles waiting to see if we will get our normal bonus in December this year --or even part of it. We're counting on it to get the siding up and gravel for the driveway. All things that need to get done--and could be done without the bonus but would sure take a lot longer. :(

We don't know. The bonus is important it is about 20-24% of Hubby's annual wages--so not getting it is quite painful. We were told there won't be raises next year, and that the company is shutting down over Christmas--both are not the best signs. Still we are hopeful. Hard to remain hopeful financially these days. I just feel that so much--you have to be prepared to work harder for less, seems to be the way things will be. I am one who does not believe it HAS to be this way, but the powers that be--seem to be guiding the ship that way. Perhaps the wind will change next election... we shall see.

Meanwhile, I had best have my little rest and get myself busy on critters and on dinner and all that jazz. ~smile~

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  1. Oh pleaseee show us your jug band characters so far! I am dying to see them!!! I was telling my Mom about them as well, and now she can't wait either!!!

    Good buys at Harris T. You are amazing with that!!!

    Always fun to read about what all you are tackling at the house.

    Keep feeling better and better, OK??? ;)