Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Out and About...

I had an appointment for blood work this morning in a little town near me that I just Love to go to. While I was there I stopped at the new library and got myself a card and 5 very interesting cook books. ~smile~ I also got my groceries.

The drive to this town is so beautiful it is breath taking and incredibly relaxing--especially during those seasons when nature is doing pretty things--like fall color, spring blooming, and summer greening--even winter isn't exactly ugly.

I am just really torn right now about working back up in Charlotte again. I do love library work--but then again--I also love being home. There's time to think about it all, I haven't been offered a job yet and I don't even know right now if I'll get a 2ND interview--although--I think I will--I worked hard in the library system and I think I 'earned' the chance--question is--do I still want it or not?

Well... I don't have to decide today.

I got my new Jackie Clay Cookbook in the mail yesterday: "Growing and Canning Your Own Food". It is wonderful!!! The recipes are just so down to earth, everyday, practical. They are real food for real families that save a great deal of time and money if you can them yourself. I can just imagine how great it would be to have some of the following home-canned items in my pantry: Taco meat mix, ground beef, baked beans, pre-cooked chicken, soups, etc.. Lots of really useful stuff in this book.

Also her directions on how to pressure can are so much simpler than the ones my canner came with. I read them and thought immediately--oh! lightbulb! duh! that's why that didn't work right. (I won't supply background for that)

One of the things I want to work on in my cooking adventures is homemade junk food or treats. I have a problem paying $10 to get a few bags of chips right now. I guess all these young adults in the house eating me literally out of house and home has got me thinking--this junk food thing is not working.

Some of the cookbooks I got a the Indian Land library today had some good ideas for snacks--like buy some russet potatoes and make your own fries... hmmm.. sure why not?

I was also excited when there because they had a great display of Catawba Indian pottery. I have read a book about it, before we moved down here to Catawba country--and I saw photos of it, and I have been so intrigued about it. They fire the pots right outside in campfires! Also they dig their own clay--in our area.

Well now I got to see some of the same pots that were in the book and they are even more beautiful than I had imagined. They don't use any glazes, what they do is rub the pots with smooth stones to the point that they get a warm glow, sometimes shiny as well--it looks like a glaze. Gorgeous earthy tones with black accent from the fire. I remarked to the library staff how I enjoyed seeing the display and they said--you know, that display was supposed to have been taken down a month ago. I decided it must have been left up just for me. :) Thanks Lord!

Well here I am home and a wee tad pooped. Gonna take a bit of a break and get busy in the kitchen.



  1. You know what you need, Mary??? Ha ha ha...I know you would love this makes potato chips from a whole potato, and it cuts them circularly very thin and you throw them in to fry...or maybe spray with Pam and bake them...I will go find one and get you the link! The great thing is you can add whatever seasoning you want to make different varieties!

  2. Here is the best quality, stainless steel, industrial strength one I can see for the best price...I may buy one myself...Click here to see what I found.

  3. That's pretty cool! i love kitchen gadgets--its probably not in the budget at the moment.. but kinda cool. :)

  4. is so quiet in blogland without a near-daily post from you! I miss you! ;)

    I put a pic on my blog for you...come check it out...a little something I found in Louisiana!

  5. 6 days and no post from Mary...I am concerned now! Hope you are doing OK!!!