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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sarah Palin's Book- A Few Little Tidbits...

Those who've read my blog a long while know I'm one of those folks who actually likes Sarah Palin. I was pretty excited at Sam's Club the other day when I found one copy left of her book for half the usual price. I snapped it up.

I've been reading it slowly--as I do most books. I tend to take them to bed with me, with a pen if I own the books--not if they are library books. I'll read a short while until I find something I like enough to make note of. I use little blank 3x5 cards for bookmarks and I copy quotes I want to remember to chew on later on the 3x5's, then if the book is my own I underline the portion, making sure to note its location on the 3x5. I do this because its a habit from college days and because I love to study and learn things and to write. Often I find inspiration for writing or living in things I have read.

Although I haven't gotten very far yet--not even near the infamous Katie Couric interview or the McCain Staffer's 'he said/she said' stuff--which I think must only be a small portion of the entire book--I have found some great stuff in there and have underlined and noted a few things. I'll be needing a 2ND 3x5 soon!

Most of what I copied down is things that Sarah quoted from other folks, some famous-like Martin Luther King, others just folks in her own life. Here are a few I like so far and my personal 'take aways' from them.

"I can't support a guy whose degree is in public management,the public does not need to be managed." ~spoken by a citizen at after a local debate in her hometown. The man was protesting the mayor at the time's way of trying to re-engineer the town, doing things the citizens had not asked for--like annexing outlying properties 'by force' rather than allowing them to volunteer for annexation if they wanted the city services as Palin was advocating.

I liked this statement because I think it tells in a nutshell what the difference is between progressives and conservatives. Progressives seem to be always wanting to change things and to 'improve' things to their liking--whether the folks want it or not. They see the public as not capable of knowing what is good for them, and public office as a way to tap into a big piggy bank for a shopping spree--at least that is what it seems like to me. I don't like to be 'managed' either--I like to manage myself, as did those good folks who came to America all those years ago--the sort we remembered yesterday when we celebrated Thanksgiving--or should have remembered.

Here are a few more quotes I liked from Palin's book...

"Set yourself earnestly to discover what you are made to do, and then give yourself passionately to the doing of it." ~ Martin Luther King
?? A Conservative White Woman quoting MLK?? What?? I thought we were all racists--that seems to be the way we're being portrayed these days anyhow.

In any case--I love the quote and took it as a sort of mandate for myself right now. I am at that time in my life when there are options and choices to be made for my future-- the part of my life that is more 'my own' than the past has been-- the empty nest years. (assuming my nest ever really does empty!) In any case I am doing that--soul searching to figure out what it is I am truly made to do.

"Practice how you play" was a saying Sarah recalled from her coaches back when she was a basketball player. It meant that she should 'go for it' even when it didn't count, with her all-- take it seriously.

It made me consider how I want to live, to practice my life more or less. I liked that idea too.

"Things work out best for the people who make the best of the way things work out." ~Coach Wooden. (her coach)

I especially loved that quote! I'm going to put it up at the top of my blog for a while. It is so true. We don't know EVER how things will go--so we need to learn to do that--to make the best of whatever happens in our life.

Its an interesting read so far, and I haven't even got to the place where she runs for governor.

It amazes me that none of the good stuff I've been reading about Sarah's life and her motivation and the twists and turns that brought her to where she is now have been talked about in the media. ALL that get discussed is the fuss the media WANTS to talk about--the things they want to say to point out that she is a 'joke' more or less--that they have MADE her so is generally not allowed to see the light of day without some whitewashing and justification.

I know that a woman does not get invited onto a major party ticket like that if she truly is a joke. I think they know it too.

In any case--I'm just enjoying the read. Its interesting and easy to read and I do generally read just before I go to bed, so I have fallen asleep a few times now with little portions of her book in mind that have given me something to chew on. I think its very motivating.

I also have to say--if it is ghost written as some say--(assuming a journalism major couldn't possibly be able to write?) well--that ghost writer sure has a gift for making it sound completely in Sarah's voice. I could not detect the presence of another voice.

I know she had help, as do many political figures when they write books, but I think an honest read of the book is telling me that it couldn't have been as much help as folks want to imply. Which means this woman is capable of putting out a memoir in about two months while managing a home with 5 of her own kids and a grandchild and all the stress of leaving office,travelling to make speeches, being hounded by national media and etc.

This is some powerhouse woman is all I can say about it. No, she isn't 'perfect' and she certainly is NOT a cookie cutter Washington politician with no flaws visible to the eye, glossed over so none will know.

All I know is when you buy a used car, you may find it has a lovely paint job, but take a magnet to it and you'll find more bondo than metal under the gloss.

I like Sarah Palin and I think whatever her future will be--I'm sure it will be remarkable.. now what about mine? That's the question.

We shall see...


  1. Everytime I see or hear anything about Sarah Palin, I think of you, Mary...cause I know you like her. I actually am drawn to her way of being. As you say...powerhouse of a woman, yes...and amazingly has handled it with a lot of grace and charm. I can't say I haven't thought about reading her book...just out of curiosity! I really like the one quote you wrote about and am putting at the top of your blog. This is kinda where I am standing at the moment as well...watching my granddaugher full time, and not working. Falling into a whole new life, so to speak. I love the quote...and I must stand up to my responsibilities with strength and with an I CAN DO approach. I just wish I would get over these recurrant colds. Good luck with your thinking about what you are meant to do...I think working at the library may be your true calling...maybe you found it and you don't need to search any longer. I know you are meant to be a homemaker...thats for sure!!!
    Now...I think I may go start some turkey soup! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thanks, Mary, for posting about your feelings generated by the book so far. I will look forward to hearing more as you get deeper into your reading.

  3. Well.. I had to be curious. Folks at my old work described Sarah's accent as like mine--but worse. ;) LOL... Well, dontcha know, that's fer sure ok with me. ;)

    Anyhow I have read just a bit more and found even more inspiring stuff. She's at one of those sharp turns in life where you know if you do the right thing --chance are you're 'toast'. So ya just kind of close your eyes and jump. Boy I KNOW what those times are like.

    I love memoirs, journals, diaries... that sort of thing. They always tend to make my favorites list.