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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stuffy Headed Morning..

I've just spent the night in my recliner bundled in blankets and watching TV 'noise'. There are now three of us sick, including me. I don't think I have a flu though--just a sinus infection. Tomorrow I have a scheduled Dr. visit anyhow so maybe I'll get an antibiotic. I'm feeling better at the moment than I did in the night. I have been out on the porch to listen to the birds in the chilly air while Mojo did his morning thing. I've fed him and picked up a little and I will most likely settle back down for a while in the recliner before doing much else. Hubby, I thought had pneumonia at one point, but seems to be a little better. I don't know if he ought to return to work today though, maybe tomorrow. #2 Son is ill, but seems not to be too terrible.

The leaves are falling pretty fast in the woods and our beautiful color is beginning to give way to lots and lots of gray tree trunks. It appears we have a sunny day coming today, I'm not sure if I will get out in the garden or not-depends how I feel. Yesterday I picked up Three big double pink knock out roses at Lowe's for $6.50 ea on clearance! So exciting!! I am planning to put two of them in a berm of sorts near my porch, I'm 'envisioning' it at the moment, right now its just a sort of lumpy area in the dirt. The third rose is for my little friend who recently gave me quite a few new plants. We gift each other whenever we get together it seems. Keeps both our gardens getting more and more beautiful.

Yesterday I made a pot of chicken soup with matzo balls. The matzo was kind of rubbery-- I think too much egg maybe. Hubby deep fried some shrimp for dinner--as I was starting to feel worse than he did. We used some panko crumbs I got on sale and mixed them with some flour, old bay seasoning and Parmesan. Oh my it was soooooo good! I used that same crumb mix for some baked chicken last week and saved some of it, it was delicious both times around. Today we're going to have homemade pizza. I'll feed the bread maker a couple of times to get enough dough and most likely someone else will assemble and cook pizzas. It will be an easy cook day for me. Wait... no I do need to do something with some broccoli in the fridge. I made broccoli stems into little Julienne pieces a couple days ago to make a broccoli slaw, and I have some left over florets too--I guess another soup and a side salad would be good to make of these. Maybe after my next nap.

We shall see...

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