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Sunday, December 6, 2009

27 Degrees???

Well my big green banana plant finally gave up the ghost. The overnight temps were so low it couldn't fight another moment. The red one had died earlier this week. The valley looked lovely with frost painting all the shrubby plants down there.

One of our young guests left this morning. He was here all week from far off New Jersey. He had planned to leave last night but his Dad called to tell him to wait for dawn due to road conditions on his way. I'm gonna miss that kid--and his pick up truck. ~wink~ He was a great guest. The kids enjoyed having him and Friday night they all went to town to the midnight bowling, where my daughter consistently beat all 4 of the boys. They were a bit bent out of shape over that. The excuses were quite interesting to hear.

We had actual sunshine today instead of rain!! Yeah!! but it was sure cold. The birds outside appreciated the fresh suet I put out there this week. I gave up for now on my grass transplanting adventure. I probably won't do any more of that until after Christmas-- I have lots of 'after Christmas' projects don't I? Planning Daughter's wedding, doing more pressure canning, continuing to work on the house, possibly opening an etsy store to sell some of my artwork, starting seeds for the early spring garden, and etc..

Of course there is also the possibility that I'll have a full time job starting in January. Don't know. The wheels of hiring turn very slowly at the library I already know that having several years of experience there. I may get a 2ND interview yet for the first batch of jobs I applied for, and it is also possible to still get first interviews from some others. They generally take longer than they tell you they will.

I'm OK with staying home or with working again. In this economy--I can't turn down a good job like that if I get an offer--it could be very helpful to our future. However, I also know how to be so useful at home that my work here is also good for us economically. So well, we shall see..

My felted wool critters are coming along still. I have finished six critters and have two heads that still need to get bodies and clothing. Then I need to put together my jug band instruments.

I also need to get going on Hubby's gift--I got my supplies for that this weekend. No more will be said about it--in case he reads this. :) I will be working on it only while he is at work.

I have several smaller gift ideas that I think will fit into my time left before Christmas. The store bought gifts I am getting I am mostly getting online or sending a kid to pick up for me--so I can stay home as much as possible and concentrate on crafting things and cooking. I've had some of my online gifts wrapped by and shipped ahead to Florida so they are already under the tree. :) Much less crowded in the car this way.

For food--I am going to cook up a nice big batch of Shrimp Creole sauce--but I will freeze it for travelling and not add the shrimp and meat until we get to Florida for Christmas. Seafood there is better anyhow. I'm hoping to bring along some fresh soft rolls and banana nut bread as well.

Our plan is to take Mojo with, but George will be staying here with Daughter's fiance. He will take him to his folk's house. It really is NOT my idea to take Mojo--he's huge and still all puppy. German Shepherds do take longer to mature I think. He's well on his way to being a hundred pounder I think. George has also been growing--surprise! Turns out our little foundling was still growing when he showed up here. Training is going better for both pups, but by no means finished.

Hubby and I have been trying to figure where to get a deal on a small wood burner to supplement our heat, and where to install it. I am voting for a wall between where I'm sitting now and the kitchen; Hubby wants it in the basement. Meanwhile we still aren't using the big heat pump. We have two small oil radiator space heaters that have thermostat control and are on wheels. They work pretty good--but I think I'd like one more in the early morning when I'm all stiff and cold. I do get going on some basic chores as soon as I get up--start cooking & laundry and feed everything.. I usually try to get a big batch of stuff done while my coffee is perking. Then I get to sit down and turn on the pc and sip my coffee and start working on my wool critters or something. It's then that I notice how cold it is. I wrap in a blanket some mornings. It is also then that I practice making George lie at my feet for about 30 minutes. Hubby does the same with Mojo. "Down" is an important lesson in puppy school.

Well today I made my turtle/terrapin/whatever. The newer critters have more imaginative detail I think than the older ones. I'm getting more interested in this as I do it. I'd never even tried felting wool before this began so its been a great deal of fun. I made one of my own tools. I took 3 plain felting needles and made a handle of sculpey poly clay to fit my hand and hold all three. That saved me some money and is useful for felting a larger area quickly. All that is left of the critters I need to form two nice little jug band are a pig and a goat. I made two female critters to just dance and sing--maybe they'll have tambourines--maybe not. One is a 'flapper chicken' and the other one is a 'swingin' little possum'.

Well its been a good weekend, I made lots of food Friday so I didn't really have much cooking this weekend-except to turn some leftovers into soup. Folks have fended for themselves while I've done things I needed to do. No little bitty kids here anymore so I have time for myself nowadays. That sure is nice! I still do quite a lot to keep the family going, but much less than back in the day.

Well.. time to just go relax with a blanket!

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