Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bird number 31, Creole Sauce & Jug Band Goat

Well this morning my Goat got a nice pair of short pants and a coat and vest, he also got a pair of horns. He'll need hoofs yet and a tie or scarf to dress him up a tad. I worked on him in my new long warm nightie from Walmart. LOVE IT! I need one more I think--but will it be a good nightie when we go to Florida?

My Jug band critters would be done now with the goat but I just really want to make a weasel to replace the poor puppy chewed polecat. He'll have a top hat and tails I think. Then I will reserve the Poke-beary for someone special.

I began Hubby's gift yesterday, its in a drying stage. I'm not sure if there's time to get it done. Hope so. So much to do with about a week til we leave. I finished up my Povitica and tomorrow I'll make some banana bread to join the Povitica loaves in the freezer. I'm taking my holiday breads and my Creole Sauce frozen so we can just add some shrimp and sausage when we get there and put it over fresh rice.

Its going to be an odd Christmas eve dinner with Swedish Meatballs and Shrimp Creole. ;-) Yah... Y'all. Well, can't be helped I've gone Southern and I LOVE it.

I'm quite the sight doin' all my chopping of peppers and onions and sausage today. I was getting really tired out so I grabbed a stool and my wrist guards and I'm chopping in style.

Right now is a little break. I came to the window just in time to see Birdy species number 31 for our first year owning Pokeberry Hill. A Rufous Towhee. I saw him sitting perched on a shrub with a bright red Cardinal nearby. Very nice!

Always good to get a bit of extra excitement in the day. :)

Well, I need to get back to chopping. I'm using some extra peppers & fridge clean out leftovers to make some smoked sausage/corn, beans & rice stuffed peppers. Yummy! OH WAIT--GENIUS!!
PLUS a little Sweet Baby Ray's. ~perfection~

I've been wondering why I fall asleep so early these days. I'm really ready for bed about 8pm every night. I guess its OK, I've just done all I could in a day by then.

Life is good! In just a wee bit past a week we get to see and HUG our little Ruby and her parents. Happy Gramma here, gettin' excited for sure!


  1. You will be in heaven with your little Ruby doobie doo!!!!! Believe me!!!!! It's the BEST!