Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sowing Seeds and Tending the Winter Garden

Well the Christmas Holiday is behind me now. I'm on to the next things and so is Hubby.

Hubby is making himself an office of a bedroom that has just been freed up by Daughter's move to her own little place. She is thrilled with her apartment and it is all furnished now except for a washer and dryer, hopefully she'll find a good deal on that soon. Moving at Christmas time made it easy for us all to pick gifts for her. I added some pantry goodies and yesterday she was here to do some laundry and took home some of the spices I use when I make stir fry. We will start to make arrangements for her wedding in about a week, as soon as she and her intended have a day off after the 1st of the year.

Hubby is using his new office space to test our painting technique before we use it on the rest of the house walls. We decided to try to make a frugal version of wall texturizer using joint compound and water. We made it a saucy consistency and tried out several different texturizing paint rollers. We think the one we like is a roller that has something on it that seems like its a mesh of some kind. It left a nice texture that wasn't thick. We will prime and paint over that. The new office will get the first paint job beginning today. The homemade texturizer will save us some pretty significant bucks which will disappear elsewhere quickly I'm sure.

All the things we were wanting to do outside will have to wait just a while. It is just not the right weather for it. We'll put away the funds for it and work in the house until it warms up and stays dry for more than a day or two.

I am also doing my garden work mainly in the house now. I got some cash for Christmas and turned it into a nice big light stand for starting seeds and cuttings. It has full spectrum florescent lights and I have put it near me here, in front of the windows that get southern exposure. During much of the day we won't need lights, we'll use them only as needed in the early morning and evening. We'll begin with one shelf at a time as the seeds begin to germinate, until then they don't need light. After the majority of seed starting is finished I may find some other use for the shelving unit or move it to a less prominent place.

I also bought some nice small clear plastic containers with lids that were on sale after the holidays. They were only $3 a piece and I can re-use them for years. Each one fits 12 small Styrofoam cups. I like to use those for seed starting sometimes, they are cheap and they are a little bit warmer and roomier than some containers so they seem to do well when they are taken outside to get used to the weather. I can use the plastic boxes either to hold the cups with seeds in them or to make mini-propagation boxes for starting shrub cuttings.

I've been going through my seed stashes and making pot labels on the computer with plain copy paper. I apply them to Styrofoam cups with cheap clear packing tape. I like to know things when I look at a pot. I like to know what's in there, when it was planted and what to expect--should it have germinated already? Where should I place it in the garden? How should it be watered? For instance, some of my seeds want to be misted so I have a separate plastic box for just misting. There are lots of ways to label seed pots and I've tried several but this one works well for me. It is not as good for outside winter sowing though as the label could get lost or ruined. The website has great ideas for that.

Well, I put a couple chickens in the oven already this morning. I need to run some errands and since Hubby and sons are going to be working in the house I know they will decide they are starving before I get home. They can take the chicken and use it however they like. I'll have some leftovers to use for my own purposes later. We're also eating broccoli and some herbs out of the garden still. That's about the end of it for our first year here. Next year I hope to have much more in the garden during the winter months but I think we did pretty good for starts. Since I haven't heard from any jobs I've applied to lately I'm leaning more and more toward busying myself with more gardening and perhaps an etsy store or some other means of selling artwork or other items online. Maybe seeds from my garden? We shall see...


  1. Your photos are great! Congrats on the new camera you got for Christmas - thoughtful spouse! And a very handsome Mojo exploring your garden area. What a lovely space you have to garden in - it looks so nice.

  2. Mojo sure is handsome--I agree. He's also my new shopping buddy. He stays very nice in the car while I run errands. I don't know if I'd do that much in summer--it can get too hot in there, but right now he is loving to go for rides.