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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Chilly Backyard Birds..

It is 28' here in Pokeberry. Good Heavens! I didn't expect that, the report I saw last night said it would remain in the 50s overnight. I guess not.

This morning I am watching some robins up in a bare oak tree, also a woodpecker. They remind me that I need to fill my feeders and put out my fresh suet cakes. In a way its a good thing I let the feeders get empty lately. One day last weekend about 200 blackbirds landed on Pokeberry Hill and had a look around, thankfully my feeders were empty and they left. Had there been tasty treats here I may have ended up playing hostess to that noisy mob for a long while.

Back when we lived in Fargo I had dealings with some unruly black birds. When I got fed up with the mess they were making in my little semi-circle rented garden spot, Hubby and #3 Son designed a special metal mesh cage to fit over my party feeder with small openings so that it became a very difficult task for the larger black birds to get at the seeds. They hung about a few days, giving it their all, and continually dirtying the water in my little bird bath as well, before they finally gave it up and went to pester someone Else's feeders.

Thinking of that, I think also of how chilly it is out there! I do need to do a bit of garden clean up soon--perhaps this afternoon when it is warmer. I need to fill my feeders and bird bath and to compost some of what the frost has killed. Tidy up a bit. There's also that old leaky hot water heater to be disposed of. The kids have a guest this week who is visiting us from far away New Jersey. He came in a pick up truck!

Of course right away I had covetous thoughts toward that truck bed and began scheming how I might convince our young house guest to make a little dump trip for me~perhaps with a bribe of some gas money? We shall see... when opportunity knocks eh? In any case I'll feed him well, and have him 'eating out of my hand soon' then pop the question--'Can I use your truck?' ~ as sweetly as possible of course. ~wink~

On to the business at hand for the day. My 'To Do' list for the week has come along very well already, and its only Tuesday. I've learned to make even more use of my kids. Whenever they must be in town I send a list along. I have not really had to do many errands away from home lately. Tomorrow I may go to the little town I enjoy driving to and see about a few things; return my library books, etc. Otherwise I'm mainly busy at home right now and very glad for it!

One thing I am doing is catching up laundry. The kids all cleaned their room out recently and there appears to be suddenly more towels than I recall owning--all in need of washing. I am also working on my jug bands and other gifts and keeping things tidy and folks fed, tending my yard.. that sort of thing.

Today my plan is to spiff up my felted wool raccoon critter, and finish up my pig with a zoot suit. Then I want to make a few instruments of clay or paper mache -- a tambourine, musical saw, jug, and washtub bass. I have some special gifts in mind that are not jug bandy--and I want to work also on those--but probably not today.

Wow...As I write I am looking outside, I suppose it is due to the chill, but there are many more birds than usual out there today-- robins and mockingbirds are eating the now frost-sweetened poke berries, others are visiting the near empty feeders, getting the last bits of suet.

I think I may just have to go out there inspite of the cold and fill up the feeders & baths--I just can't watch these poor things anymore without tending them. Birds do need more calories in the cold, I suppose the least I could do is supply some.

Seems like I'm always feeding something or someone! ~smile~

I've already provided for Mojo and George--they both got some nice warmed up chicken drippings in their dog food this morning, and I have fed the house birds--my two little parrots--Sweet Pea and Bubba. I guess I'd best say goodbye now to blogging and go fill up my feeders for my feathered friends outside. Brrrr... Now where did I put my old Fargo coat and mittens?

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