Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Creole Cooling...

This morning I put all the stuff in my big 22 Qt. stock pot and brought my Creole Sauce to a boil and then simmered it for half an hour. This sauce takes me 3 days to make. One day to make the Shrimp stock, one day for chopping up the mirepoix (peppers, onions and celery) and a final day to add it all together and cook it.

I've got my sauce in 3 recycled containers, 7.5 cups of sauce per container. I'm using two recycled plastic Folger's coffee cans, and a recycled big jug of ketchup container. I have a couple of large 'bus tubs' the sort bus boys use in restaurants to carry dirty dishes to the kitchen. I got them at Sam's club last summer when I knew my kitchen was going to be sort of 'makeshift' for a while. they have been tremendously handy! I'm using one today to cool my sauce. I put my 3 plastic jugs of sauce in the bus tub, then dumped the ice from our ice maker in there and then filled it up with cold water. The sauce is being quick cooled this way so I can pop it into the freezer soon.

For our trip to Florida this Christmas I am also freezing some 2 liter coke bottles with water in them. These will be the 'ice' for my cooler in the car. We'll be bringing all our holiday food in frozen form. I've already got a couple loaves of Povitica in the freezer--double wrapped--once in Saran and then in Aluminum foil. I'll be taking two jugs of Creole sauce and leaving one here for later. I'm nearly done with my cooking and baking. All I need to do yet is put together a couple loaves of banana bread. The bananas are getting dark and I'll probably do that tomorrow--which is also my birthday! I'll be even older. ;-)

I've been truly feeling old lately, but I have just realized that it has rained almost every day since we moved in here in August. I mean it has been damp for several months straight. No wonder I'm pooped out and sore jointed right?

Anyhow I started my weasel yesterday for the jug bands. He's not done. I also did some Christmas shopping and that isn't totally done yet either. I'm mindful that there is only one week to go before we leave for our holiday--but I can only do what I can I do eh?

I think I'll be fine. I'm pacing myself and getting good rest every night so I won't get over tired or stressed and start to be upset about 'things holiday' Holidays are supposed to be fun--not stressful. It really is a matter of not getting overdone and frantic--which I'm afraid many of we women do when faced with a big to-do list and a deadline.

I can hardly wait for our trip because I get to see our Ruby and her folks. That can only be wonderful!

I'm also looking forward to January as I plan to start lots of garden seeds for spring. I want to make sure we get a very good tomato crop for one thing and also cut flowers. Other things as well but those are high priority. I want to can up lots of tomatoes and sauces. The way they are going up in price it just seems stupid not to grow and can my own.

Well I need to get these fingers off the keyboard and busy making my Jug Band weasel.

Off I go to work on Pokeberry Hill.


  1. Happy Birthday, Mary!!!

    You are really organized and handling the strees of getting everything done, very well! I am amazed! You should work as a project manager of some are GOOD!!! Hee hee hee!!!

  2. Thanks Julie--maybe just run a home? Launch 4 individuals out into the world to follow their dreams??
    Or get a job...shrugs.