Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home From the Holidays

My big gift from Hubby this Christmas was a new camera! I've wanted one for a long time and I'd actually forgotten about it. It was wonderful to open that box! Hubby took the sunrise photo I've put up on the Blog top, I did the one of the sandpipers. I have a couple hundred new photos already of family and of our visit in Florida. I LOVE sandpipers! I could never get good snaps of them with my old camera because it it didn't have enough resolution and it wasn't fast enough to get them before they got away. I'm hoping that I'll be able to share pix of the many birds here in Pokeberry too.

We had a very nice trip, little Ruby was so busy! My goodness, so little and so cute, and walking like a little pro. She was saying an awful lot of jabbery things, I was taking her for a walk and she slowed the syllables down a bit and I was able to discern a very clear "No don't do that!". I had to chuckle as I know she's heard that phrase quite a few times already for a baby that isn't even 1 yet! Her little fingers do get into things. We have pix of her inside the dishwasher, one of her favorite places.

The drive down to Florida is so LONG for us! On the way down my old car had a flat and I ended up getting two new back tires. I need them on the front soon too. The breaks are good though and it runs wonderfully well--just still needs heat. We brought a blanket and we were fine.

It was good to be home again last night. I could tell Mojo felt the same. He spent some time in the crate when Ruby was up and about as he didn't seem to know just how to visit properly with a human puppy. He was so good in the car though, I can tell he and Hubby and I will be able to take trips together quite nicely.

Well there's much to be done here in Pokeberry, first I must go outside and refill my feeders and see if I can get some good bird photos with my new Nikon. So exciting!

Hubby has the week off so we also need to look at all our p's and q's budgetwise and make some decisions about which project to delve into this week. The time is also come to start planning the wedding, my first priority is to try to get a feel from distant family how many seriously think they may want to come--its early to do that--but it matters. I don't want to plan something big and find out a few weeks before the day that I have over done. I know they live very far--and I know they all will have good intentions--but far is a reality.

So we shall see..

Out in the chilly morn I go to snap my Nikon and smile!


  1. Ooooh...NICE gift!!!!! Nice hubby!!! :)

    Your sunrise photo is stunning! Love the look of the blog for the new year!!! I changed my background, but that is about all.

    Glad you had a great time on your trip and Ruby was a doll, I know!!!

    Good luck with your new plans (wedding). Yikes!

    xoxo- Julie

  2. the sunrise photo was taken from my in-laws deck overlooking the bay on Ft. Myers Beach --wow.
    Hubby did that one. I am learning to do as well. :)
    Ruby was T-riffic!!! Her b-day is Sunday! I can hardly believe it a whole year old!
    And now the next wedding...