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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Dandy Wool Pig for the Jug Band

I still have one more critter to finish up for my jug bands although I am rethinking--I think I'd like to separate the original Poke-beary out for a separate gift for one of my kids that I keep thinking of every time I see the bear. I'm thinking I may make a weasel or a polecat or a rabbit instead of the bear. The bear is not quite in good proportion to all the other critters as he is smallish and ought to be bigger I think than a fox or a pig for instance. Not that any of my crazy little jug-bander's are at all made in any kind of proper sizes--I never even tried, I just made them as I felt like doing it. They aren't exactly 'matching' in other respects either. The bear is wearing patched up things whereas the rest are dressed to the nines--including my new dandy pig who sports a 'zoot inspired' suit and a little fedora.

I began to make some tiny ornaments as well for my Mom-in-law's gift grab basket. Its just little things to give to anyone who wants them. She has knitted some dish clothes and pot holders for instance.

My hands were bothering me quite a bit the past couple days, so I laid off my critter creations for a little bit. I have lots of chopping to do now-- making stock today for our Christmas Eve Shrimp Creole. I'm going to bring the sauce frozen in plastic coffee cans and we'll add the meat/seafood and rice when we get there. First I have to make the stock then tomorrow I can make the sauce. While I'm doing that I'm also making some pork stock today from some grilled pork bones/bits and pieces that I had put in the freezer last time we had grilled pork. I'm using that stock to cook tonight's jambalaya. I had to make something with shrimp in it tonight so I'd have shrimp to clean, so I could use the shells in my shrimp stock. So today I'm cooking all this good smelling stuff.

As I've been poking around in the freezer and fridge and root cellar I've come across side projects-- some pantry items to wax and put away--I wax my cans before I store them in the root cellar because it tends to be damp down there. Actually I discovered that the last round of heavy rain we had seeped into the root cellar again! I just got it dried out! Today is sunny but chilly. Yesterday we were at 65, but today we're cold. Not so bad as up in my hometown where they got about 15 inches of snow yesterday--yuk!

Anyhow we have had soooooooo much rain this fall. It is ridiculous. It has really slowed down a lot of our projects. One side job I had this morning was dealing water in the wrong places--including some under the bottom drawer in my fridge! I wiped that out. I've been cleaning out my fridge and freezer more than usual this week trying to re-arrange things and make sure I'm using things up and not letting them hide.

I had a Dr. appointment yesterday and my Dr. is running some tests and I had my hands and knees x-rayed. She says my arthritis problems are about 10 years ahead of my actual age. She is thinking I may have a different type of arthritis starting up--so she's checking for evidence of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have had some swelling in my hands and more than the usual pain and stiffness in my hands and knees. Anyhow I went there in the morning without breakfast and my gosh! They took 6 vials of blood and by the time that was done and I'd had my x-rays I was feeling pretty wiped out. I had planned a big shopping day perhaps and lunch with my friend. We did meet and I ate a double burger! Rather than shop though I went home and took a nap. It may be a while before I hear anything on the tests she did. She only works in the town near me on Wednesday mornings the rest of the time she works elsewhere. I imagine if anything is really important she'll call though. I thought it was funny too that I slept 10 hours last night! Wow. That's a lot for me. Hubby woke me up at 6 as I'm usually up by 5. He was wondering if I was getting up today, since I went to bed about 8.
Well.. you know I've just felt tired lately. They checked for anemia too and also my Vitamin D--I guess that can cause pain and bone problems.

Always something..

I have so much to do before Christmas now!
I'm trying to get my food items made this week and frozen--so I won't be cooking last minute--at the same time I want to get these gifts done and after we get our bonus money next week I will pick up the few gifts I plan to buy. That's my plan--it seems to make sense. I can't afford to get sick though! So best take care to rest if I'm really that tired, is what I think.

Another thing I see I am going to have to deal with--another side project.
Apparently Mojo has taken to lying on top of the last pile of ashes and junk that is left on the property from all the cleaning up we did after the old owner. I'll have to remember to have one of the boys shovel up that mess. What to put it in? It needs to go to the dump I think, but we don't have time to do that right now. Ugh. Well its about 3 foot high little hill, just as wide probably. Not that much to deal with, we'll think of something.

Meanwhile I can see George outside romping about. Moj is on his tie out and they are enjoying the sunshine as are all the little song birds that are visiting my feeders this morning here on Pokeberry Hill. My big pink party feeder lots its top in the wind yesterday--I'll have to get outside and put that back on. NO doubt the birds find it convenient.

It looks so pretty out there--but its deceptive. I know its cold. ;)

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  1. Mary,
    I love reading about all your varied activities. Your Christmas Eve meal sounds so special! I, too, will be making some stock this week. Am going to make a nice kettle of your delicious Knefla soup. It seems perfect for this frigid weather we are having.