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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Naked Weasel, Mom-Where's my Diploma? and Puppy Wrestling...

A Naked Weasel, Mom-Where's my Diploma? and Puppy Wrestling...

Happy B-day to me!

So the odd items in the title of this post are what I'm dealing with this morning. My jug band has acquired a weasel but he is so far unclothed. He will be my last critter--yeah! All I need to do now is clothe him, give the goat some hoofs and a tie, and create a couple of wash tub bass'(es?), 2 washboards, and 2 xxx jugs out of paper mache. Cinchy.

My West side of the country oldest son is having a background check for his new job and apparently emailed in the middle of the night for me--here on the East side--about 6 times! He was frantically searching for his high school transcript and diploma and graduation dates. Well--I was the teacher/administrator of Mustard Seed Christian School (home school) and he was our first bona fide graduate. Early in the morning I have to say--trying to recall what happened to a kid's school records from 2000 or 2001??? requires some real thinking-- to be done while puppies are tearing about all over my house.

Happy B-day.

Well turns out I actually did have the forethought back in those days to keep a copy of his transcript and amazingly it was in a file that had his name on it--quite easy to retrieve.

What puzzles me though is he finally found his copy in his last--not quite as frantic--email--and it seems to have a different graduation date on it. ??? HUH???

Oh... this is his brother's transcript! duh. Which is why I couldn't find that earlier. Its in the wrong file!!

No matter his brother backed up his Mom-made transcript with a GED and so he generally prefers to use that for his 'creds'.

Well, now my heart is more at ease over proving my son is eligible for employment over there on the other side of the country and I can get busy chasing puppies and clothing a weasel.

Always something goin' on around here isn't there?

For my b-day-- Hubby is taking me OUT to dinner. Honestly to a real restaurant! Wow.
He hasn't told me where yet. Kind of exciting cuz we almost never ever ever do that.

I'm wondering how far I can get on these jug band guys today--could I actually get finished??

Well not if I sit here typing eh?

Soooo... what were the puppies doing as I searched files?

They had quietly pulled down the Christmas tree and grabbed my new slippers that my Mom-in-law mailed me for my B-day and were making chew toys out of both!

Currently they are outside, Moj on his tie out and George nearby.

Puppies-- 2 of them! Now I know I'm nuts.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mary!!!
    I hope you are out to dinner with your hubby as I write...having a wonderful time!