Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Friday, December 11, 2009

A New Bird in Pokeberry! Number 29, wait... Make that 30.

I've seen Juncos in most of the places I've lived, but this morning is the first time I've noticed them here on Pokeberry Hill. There is a pair, a very dark, almost black male and a sweet gray female. They are lovely little birds, they look sort of like little peasant women or nuns with shawls wrapped about them. In our homes in North Carolina before we moved here I noticed the Junco's came about the same time the Hummingbirds left. This is a little later. Perhaps they were here the past month or two and I just never saw them? They are very easily disguised in a fall or winter landscape in their plain clothes.

I've got my big bread bowl out this morning to make some Povitica, its a Polish cinnamon nut holiday bread. I'm making 3 loaves. We'll have one to try it, since it is a new recipe for us, and I'll freeze the other two to take with us to Florida for Christmas if they are as delicious as I expect them to be.

I got this recipe from the Back Woods Home Newsletter this month. Sign up for the newsletter is at their website. I found that Recipe Zaar has just about the exact same recipe however. I get their magazine for its interesting self reliance/libertarian perspective. I am somewhat of a do-it-yourself type gal--as folks who read my blog probably know. I enjoy the BHM magazine when it comes there's always something to learn in there. I also enjoy reading Jackie Clay's Blog--she answers lots of questions about gardening, animals, building projects and canning from her many years of homesteading experience.

It is chilllllllyyy again here in Pokeberry. 27degrees! The puppies are outside working off their morning excitement, and I am having my coffee and watching the many birds flying about the hill and garden. The feeders are certainly popular today!

Actually, now that I think of it--we have 30 bird species here! I forgot the little house finches.

Well my breakfast is ready and my milk is warming for my bread making and I guess I will get goin' for now. Sunny but cold in Pokeberry, with a chance of tweets.


  1. Mary,

    Wonderful description of your Juncos. Much nicer than what Tramp 1 has always called them - Executioner birds - because of their black hoods. We have many of them here and I will look out today and see them as you do!

    Your holiday bread recipe sounds very much like a recipe that is in Tramp 1's family history. In researching it, I have found many variations in ingredients and name. Hope yours turns out yummy!

  2. I think it must be good. It is on its final rising and will go in the oven soon. I tasted the filling and thought --I'm sure I've had this before. :-)

    Sadly--I did burn the filling a wee bit --the bottom of the pot. I guess you must really use a heavy heavy pot.
    I don't think it will ruin it--but It bugs me. Also--it has a pound and a half of nuts in it--so can't very well toss it!!