Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh No! Its Raining Again..

A fine gray morn, Carolina Wren singing someplace near the garden as chickadees and titmice gorge upon sunflower seeds. It rained again. Surprise! We're talking about how to waterproof the walls along the basement floor, maybe try something called Ugl-drylock, or "ugly paint". Apparently it can stop some of this seepage we keep getting from all this rain.

Hubby and I have been busy at our respective 'spots' this morning. I started some stock cooking from last night's chicken--I'll probably freeze it for later. I've been freezing it in recycled plastic coffee containers and it works well. I'm planning to take my homemade shrimp creole sauce down to Florida for Christmas, I'll freeze it in a couple of plastic coffee cans and we can add the shrimp, chicken, sausage and rice when we get there.

I also thawed some stock this morning to make soup from. It was a stock made with grilled chicken so it has a nice smoky flavor. I've added leftover chicken, black beans and rice, some tomatoes, (rotel style--but cheaper--from Aldi) and some corn (fiesta style from Aldi. I also added a can of tomato sauce and my secret ingredient "Sweet Baby Ray's" (Oh yeah!) and a bit of mesquite spice. It smells pretty darn good in here.

We had a 'down' training session with George and Mojo earlier this morning. They are learning to lie at our feet for about half an hour on command (with some coercion). Moj is ahead of the game, George is just a beginner. I can actually train him myself because he's smaller. I like George. I'm secretly plotting (well not too secretly, its more like I'm 'lobbying' actually) to make him my own. Daughter is moving out soon and her new place may not really be a good situation for George...

I think I'll call him "Buddy". ;-)

Anyhow I think Buddy-er-George was a puppy when he showed up here because he is looking a bit more 'manly' at his nether end and seems to have grown. We've all noticed the changes. We still don't really know 'what' sort of dog he is, but he has interesting characteristics. I've noticed that he sometimes snorts when excited--especially if he is digging--and he is a good little hunter. He can 'root out' moles underground. Moles aren't easy to catch, but apparently George does know where they are and can at least give them a hard time even if he doesn't catch them. I'd almost say that makes George good for my garden, but he also roots out bedding plants and has spread manure and straw in the wrong places, so maybe not not.

I guess, considering he's likely a pup, he is doing fairly well. He has got some things down pat now but has a ways to go. Mojo also needs more training. For one thing he has to understand that house guests are NOT tasty treats. He is quite impressive in size now and has a very grown up bark. We're betting he'll be well over 100 pounds full grown. Unfortunately we do not get much company out here in the middle of no place, so when folks do come, he goes into 'stranger alert mode' and has to be dragged, barking to another room. That's going to have to be fixed.

Other than dog training and soup making, I've done some crafting this morning. I've put some finishing touches on some jug band critters. I have five completely finished felted wool folk now. This morning I gave the raccoon a hat and tie and trimmed up his suit so its a little snappier for Christmas. Most of the family's favorite animal is the chicken/flapper gal. My fav though is the fox. Some prefer the Poke-beary.

Today I need to make bodies for the goat and the pig. I have to get this moving as there are other projects to finish before the holiday. One is something special for Hubby--which I am not going to tell about until later because sometimes he peeks at my blog. He'll like it. That's all I'm saying. Lips zipped. :)

Well, time for my shower I think. I've been busy doing this and that this morning and now its time to spiff up a bit and get to the next thing. Having an enjoyable but damp weekend here in Pokeberry!


  1. It has been raining here all day as well, Mary! At least you have been productive!!! I did get some online shopping done at least. :)

  2. Well... I didn't get the goat and pig done.. but my 'last' critter is well begun--he has a head and neck that are finished and he has a nice armature and stuffing. He's a turtle/terrapin/tarrypin (uncle remus)/tortoise... I dunno which one officially--but he's kind of cute. He's going to wear a tux over his shell--that way I don't have to do a real shell.
    Top hat too I think. We ran out to look at a little wood burning stove and it was too small for our use. We're looking to heat for free using our own wood rather than using our heat pump. We don't think we need a huge wood burner, but its hard to find a small one that isn't silly small.
    Well there seems to be a little bit of a disgruntled tummy bug in the house. I'm kinda feeling ick and one of our young house guests has been in bed all day, feeling dizzy/head-achy and upset tummy. We've done a pepto-bismal run into town. Hopefully this won't be anything but a little blip. We shall see..