Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Warmer Morning, Rain is Gone! Less Birds at the Feeders..

We have a sunny morning after a great deal of rain yesterday again. The temperature is back up in the 50s and more bearable, which is good.

I did my big grocery shop yesterday--which included Sam's Club and Food Lion. I found myself putting back convenience foods and opting for more scratch cooking ingredients. We're just spending too much lately, and it being December that isn't likely to improve much, but I need to hold the line as best as I can.

I'm taking a little break here. I saw Hubby off to work and dismantled and cleaned my stove top this morning. I have a fridge and pantry full of foods to manage--some things need re-packing, some need chopping up--etc. I was thinking of making knefla soup today (potato soup with 'knefla' like a doughy dumpling) Potatoes are cheap this time of year so I have extra. I'm in a potato mood anyhow as since I am of a 'certain age' there are those hormonal things to deal with and potatoes sometimes are good for that. ;-) I think beef too as my current difficulty I'm afraid may end up tending toward anemia if it doesn't improve. Beef is full of the B's and I always like to eat beef whenever I feel a need for a 'lift'.

There are several tufted titmice spending their morning flying up in the oak branches near the big red feeder and back to the feeder and then to tree again. They are enjoying the fresh sunflower and the new suet cakes. Blue birds have also visited the suet this morning. Not too much else going on in the garden except that Mojo is on his tie out and George is keeping him busy. We don't have to tie George--having once been a stray he knows which side his bread is buttered on and hasn't got a mind to leaving. Mojo however we think could get himself lost if he gets to running in the woods with George and doesn't pay attention. In any case with Moj on his tie out-- George is well satisfied to stick nearby and spar with him.

That tie out is making my life in the house much more peaceful! I'd about had it with the puppy games before we started to use the big heavy duty overhead cable for Mojo's new run.

Well now here come some more visitors--the chickadees are at the pink feeder and a sparrow is resting there as well--taking in the sunshine.

The other day when it was really cold the feeders and the pokeberries were busy pretty much all day with little birds storing up calories against the chill.

I have an awful lot of work to do on my jug bands yet, and I need to do that but I had a bit of stress to deal with and I guess I'm just a little off kilter right now--so I'm taking a little time to 'settle myself'. Perhaps I ought to go and do some garden work-- I could chop down the frost bitten parts of some of my plants and pull up what is left of the peppers and tomatoes I suppose. We shall see...

I really hate having an 'out of sorts' morning! They do seem to come now and then however--like it or not. I guess I could just sit here and dwell on it all, but that would certainly be a waste of a good sunny day wouldn't it?

You betcha!


  1. i had some jewish matzo ball chicken soup today. my mom went and picked it up for me...i am combating bronchitis and GI ditress. the matzo made me think of your 'knefla' soup.

    my mom was reading natural remedies book and found a good soup when you are sick is potato skins, cooked in chicken broth with carrots, celery and onions. i guess there is something in the skins that is good for you.

    xoxo- julie

  2. mmmm.... I love matzo ball soup. Potato skins huh..
    I'm having some age related fun right now. It seems my cycle is now about 2 weeks between or less. UGH! Talk about making you tired! Anyhoo I made an apt for a full physical. I don't think there's a soup for that one. ;-)

  3. Oh dear. Well, thinking positively, ...maybe this is the beginning of the end!!!!! I have been done now about a full year and a half! Thank God!

  4. I'm thinking it may have a direct co-relation to this nagging feeling I get sometimes that I'd like to go live by myself in a trailer someplace. LOL... I think its funny how irritating other folks get when you feel yucky. Hubby must have the same problem cuz he'd like to live alone with Mojo. Well.. sooner or later I'm sure our house will be less full. We expect to be down a few folks by the end of the year, so that's something. ;-) Meanwhile I just see all these ancient singlewide's when I'm out driving and ponder painting them yellow and planting flowers in front of them. My Mom-in-law says that's a temporary thing and will pass in a year or so. Cool.