Good Bye to Pokeberry Hill...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Busy Pokeberry Hill Morning

I kept myself moving from thing to thing as usual this morning. Moj and I went for a long walk. I'm trying to walk further with him to keep myself more fit and to try to get some of his puppy power down to a level I can manage. We walked along the road through our neighborhood and from one end to nearly the other of the road near us. I used my Fargo Coat which is plenty warm enough even when as low as 18 degrees. I've decided it was a bad thing to have been skipping my walks this fall when it was raining so much--I just need to get some rain gear so I can do that next time we have so much rain.

A highlight of our walk this morning was a pair of blue jays playing near us on the ground at the edge of a little woods. Yesterday we walked in the field behind our place where I don't need to keep him on leash there I discovered lots of rocks that would work nicely in my garden, next time I'm back there I'll pick up a few.

They sky is back to its lovely Carolina blue and that's fine with me.

I made some chicken soup and have it in the fridge for later, with egg noodles. There's a little bit of Jambalaya leftover and some roast beef which the boys have been cheesing up in quesadillas. I like the way our leftovers get picked over here, eventually there comes a point when they either go to the dog dish, into soup stock or into compost. It makes me feel kinda good that nothing is really much wasted--at least usually.

I've got a new felting project going. This is a little clutch type purse~pocket thing. I'm making it for my daughter in law. It's inspired by my garden at night. You can see hints of poke~berries in a dark blue background as well as greens and browns that are growing vine like through it. In one corner sits a little Carolina Wren looking out from behind the vines. I want this to be done today if possible so I can mail it tomorrow when I go to the post office. I have a box of things for Baby Ruby--lots of baby board books and some new outfits, and a nice hoodie and socks. :) To keep her toesy's warm.

We've been getting more Ruby video, its so fun! I highly recommend Flip HD camcorders for anybody who has far away grand-babies! We got to spy on Ruby's little play date with her baby pal Ella. They don't really play together per se.. but they do check out each other's stuff. Also Ruby does a wonderful little backwards 'bye bye' waive.

Right now I can see a little Carolina Wren hopping all about near my compost bins. C. Wrens are a must in the garden! Now that I've had them in all my gardens the past few years I would never want to be without one. Besides being cute they sing such a pretty song!

I've learned some new tricks for felting and explored Etsy more. I was thinking of using my old sweater shaver to sort of trim some of my wool felting and I couldn't find it. When I was at Walmart I found an inexpensive men's electric trimmer--for around ears and inside noses I expect. I found it is a very nice tool for touching up and correcting felting work. Cool tool!

Well, here it is noon and my goodness, the wash is done,my exercises and walking are done. I've found that my Rosemary Seeds are beginning to sprout! Dinner is made more or less-though I may make something to go with it as well. My little project for Daughter in law is nearly finished too. Time for lunch!


  1. can you come here in your spare time and do anything i need done after 12 noon daily??? lolol. ;)

  2. Oh stop! If you write down the things you do and get done--and not the things the wished you'd gotten done--I bet it would look pretty impressive. Its a 'trick' I learned once, Make an "I Did" list not just a "To Do" list--then you feel like you're more in control of your crazy days. :)

  3. Oh yes.. after lunch I ran errands and it was fruitless I have to re-run them today! I've been to this one store twice now to get casings to make sausage. They have said they'd have them.. from now on I'll call and MAKE SURE they are actually on the shelf.