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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Global Warming??? Where?? Can I Go There??

It is 12 degrees here in SOUTH CAROLINA this morning! I woke to find that the water from our faucets wasn't working well, it began to slow to a thin a stream in my sink and then stopped. Well that sure woke me up!

Hubby has investigated pipes and pump and says it appears we have a frozen switch in the well pump house. He did something to get water flowing temporarily--but I'm not to waste it. He's set a heater out there to see if that will help but we are also going to be trekking out to Lowes, unwashed and chilly to pick up a new one--and hopefully a better one. I'm thinking the pump house maybe needs to be insulated better as well.

It has never been this cold since we moved to the Carolinas. I think this may be the second time we've had to replace that switch this winter. Hubby is looking for something better when we go to Lowes after he gets his knee warmed up. He woke up with a very sore knee. I hope its just a temporary ache type thing. He's got it up right now with a heating pad over it.

I fed Mojo and made coffee from my emergency water stash. I made a mental note to start stockpiling just a little more bottled water--I guess it'd be nice to be able to weather a short emergency situation with water on hand. I know better than to think I can store enough for a long term problem--that would call for a different measure--like maybe some sort of hand pump for a well? I don't know. I've thought of it sometimes. I visit with lots of folks who are prepping for the next big disaster and I know that there is some reason to consider that these days, but I've also had my water run out for over month once and I am very aware of just how much it takes to get things done in a house--I would need another house to store that much water in bottles! We did make use, at the time, of our swimming pool for flushing and an old artesian well we knew about on our property was also put into service for doing dishes and laundry. We drank bottled water though. If everyone's water in an area was out--or their electric-- buying bottled would be out of the question. Civilization is not really prepared for uncivilized life. We don't have a clue how to do what our ancestors did do we? Yet we do think ourselves more advanced. Kind of funny.

One thing I am grateful for is that I have a husband who truly does know how to figure out problems and fix them. I'd never have agreed to this house project with a lesser man. Some folks have told him that they didn't know many women who would ever consider doing what we did here--which I'm not sure if that's a compliment, I may be deemed crazy. ~smile~

Well anyhow--my plans for this morning are a wash. I will probably revise. One thing I was thinking is I'd like to know a little more about that little church I wanted to visit before I go anyhow, so this may just be a good reason to take more time on that. Maybe find out if there is a denomination behind it and what the doctrine is--I didn't see info about that on their website. This gives me time to consider it more.

Other plans today--well I just wanted to make my daughter in law a little gift to put in Ruby's box. I also wanted to pick up a copy of the newest revision of Square Foot Gardening. by Mel Bartholomew. I have read it before and it came to mind as a good guide to have on hand for my new garden plans. I will be using a combination of raised beds and containers and the various charts and instructions in this book will help me be more efficient. Well.. it just so happen I know that Lowes carries this book. I've walked by it a hundred times. Since we need to go there I'll pick up a copy today. It will be a great January read to go with the seed catalogs. Yeah!

I inspected the country around us in the 'other direction' away from the biggest town near us and toward the one we supposedly live in. We live in a funny spot. We're at the intersection of three counties. One is about a block south of us. The one we actually live in has almost no services near us other than a recycle and trash place about a half mile up the road. Our street address is actually in a 3rd county as their post office is nearest to us. Its sort of confusing.

Anyhow I went to the right when I left our road instead of to the left. I found there is a town with an actual town hall and community center that is supposed to be the town we live in--though as I said our mailing address is a different town and county. The town we live in has a couple gas stations and that's almost all. Travelling a bit further though I found the county seat of another county along the road and they had an actual Walmart! They also have some grocery stores and haircut places and all that and they are getting a brand new Aldi store. That was all good info to have. Now I can shop in different areas if I happen to be in those neighborhoods for some reason.

My horizons have expanded.

At the moment, I'm sipping much needed hot coffee and watching a mockingbird in the garden. There are several finches at the pink feeder as usual. One finch has even been to the finch thistle sock--which for some odd reason hasn't had much attention. Well now that one has found it, they all will. The red feeder is quiet at the moment but I have seen I'll be needing more suet soon.

I have my first little baby seedlings on my lighted shelves! It is a little cup of oregano! Amazing! The seed packet said it would take 10 to 21 days to germinate and it has done so in less than 3 days! Nothing else peeping up yet. I moved that lone little pot to a shelf by itself and put the light on it. I'll turn it off soon until later this evening. We have a sunny day today so it will not need much extra light. I am planting some more seeds today, I like to do things in increments, a little here a little there. I also have to find a source and order some special hot pepper seeds for Hubby. He is very into hot pepper growing and hot sauce making. He's always in search of a hotter pepper.

As of yesterday one of our rooms has all the walls finished! We found that by just making a saucy mix of joint compound and water we were able to make our own texture for the walls that resembles what they call 'orange peel' for about 1/3 the price of ready made products and its not a bit more work! This will save us some significant money by the time the whole house has been prepped and painted inside.

One of the products we tried turned out to be too much texture--we couldn't return it due to having opened it--so we will use it on the ceiling in our shed/cabin. It was very roughly taped and mudded by the previous owner and looks terrible--with this stuff however we can hide that and continue our plan to make it a guest cottage--which now we aim to do before our daughter's wedding next fall. I'm glad there's a use for it, I hate to see things go to waste, I'm also glad there's a solution for that ugly ceiling.

Well that mockingbird is now wrangling with the old pokeberry tree/bush. I would be surprised to find that there is anything left to eat on that shrubby weed--but perhaps some berry has been missed by the many feathered folk that have supped from it this fall and winter. I wonder how big the poke salet plant will get next year? This one is ready to be cut down but it will come back in spring.

Sounds like Hubby is snoring a bit, I guess I can have some breakfast before we head to town. Maybe start a few seeds too.

Stay warm!

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